The choice of football shoes like the choice of the car - some people like sports cars, others prefer limousines, some are satisfied with a manual transmission, while others can't imagine driving without an automatic. For some, the car must be black, for others, quite the opposite.

However, there are things that will matter to everyone - fuel consumption, durability, and quality. The same goes for cleats. Whether they are colorful or black, whether they have an AG sole or an SG sole - they must be of good quality and perfectly fitted. In this guide, we would like to include a few tips that will help you choose the right cleats.



On natural grass (FG, FG/AG)

Shoes designed for a natural grass surface. Perfect for playing on the fields not slaughtered, but also not too muddy.

For natural wet grass - soft ground(SG, SG-PRO)

Shoes perfect on the pitch with a soft natural grass. Excellent also on a boggy pitch.

For artificial grass (TF/TT, AG, FxG)

Shoes with small studs placed close together. Designed to play on artificial grassy surfaces including orlik; AG - designed to play on artificial grassy surfaces. Shoes equipped studs like in traditional football shoes, however, there is more of them and they are slightly shorter. TF / TT - with short rubber studs. It provides high playing comfort and a good grip on the pitch with artificial grass. Perfect for the on ice-cold ground.

Indoor shoes (IC/IN/IT)

Traditional flat-soled shoes designed for a sports hall - wooden and rubber surfaces. In most cases the sole is made of a non-marking material.

This is the basic choice that we must make. You can buy sports shoes for almost any surface. The specificity of the construction of shoes causes that they are perfectly adapted to each pitch. Most importantly, if we play in shoes not intended to play on the given surface and your shoes get damaged, it is impossible to make a complaint - see rules Exchanges, returns, complaints




Models for professionals represent the quintessence of modernity and advanced technology. Cleats for professionals are designed to be the lightest, enhancing acceleration and agility on the field. Through the application of innovative solutions, they provide excellent control and optimize ball feel, enabling precise maneuvers. Ideal for players who value high functionality and performance.



Cleats for semi-professionals combine modern solutions with functionality, catering to the needs of players striving for excellence. Designed for dynamic play, they offer excellent support and comfort, facilitating effective gameplay at various skill levels. This is the choice for those seeking optimal balance between innovation, practical application, and price.



Football boots for amateurs are the perfect choice for football enthusiasts seeking footwear adapted to regular, recreational play. They offer modern solutions that enhance user comfort and provide good ball control, allowing enjoyment of the game at every skill level.



For beginner football players, we recommend cleats that support the development of basic soccer skills. Equipped with modern solutions, they provide lightness and comfort, which are crucial for young athletes and players learning the game. These shoes are designed to facilitate learning and ensure that the first steps on the field are filled with positive experiences.



Once you've dealt with the choice of sole and level of advancement, it's time to choose the material from which the shoes are to be made. Here there shouldn't be a problem - leather or synthetic. Of course, there are cleats that combine these two materials, but they are extremely rare.

When opting for leather cleats, one must remember that leather is a more delicate material compared to synthetic. Leather shoes require more frequent cleaning, polishing, and maintenance. Therefore, it's not the best option for those who prefer low maintenance. Additionally, leather shoes tend to stretch a bit during play, so it's advisable to choose cleats that are slightly smaller in size.

When choosing synthetic cleats, the care process is much simpler and less time-consuming. After using the shoes, it's enough to just rinse them with water and let them dry. Applying care and conservation products will ensure a longer lifespan for the shoes.



The final step is to measure your foot. Simply place it without a sock on a white sheet of paper and mark with a line where your heel ends and also the end of your big toe. Measure the resulting section with a ruler or another measuring tool, and then compare the obtained result with the size chart of the specific manufacturer - ou can find it here - size charts

Remember that an incorrectly chosen size can affect the comfort of play, but also the durability of the shoe. Don't forget that socks also influence comfort, as well as the fit of the footwear.



The final decision, which is completely subjective, is the choice of the manufacturer and the line of cleats. Here, we can't advise you on anything. However, we can guarantee the widest selection of equipment - rest assured, everyone will find something for themselves. It all depends on individual needs and taste.

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