Astro turf boots - Artificial Grass (AG & TF)

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Astro turf boots - Artificial Grass (AG & TF)

Astroturfs are boots especially made for artificial grass. These kind of products are one of the most popular in the world of football, because number of pitches with artificial grass is growing year by year. In the European countries like Poland or others there are thousands of that kind of pitches, which are almost always full of footballers - amateurs or semi-profesionals. Of course, this is the reason to be happy, because this is the best way to popularize football, and sport in generally. This pitches are visited not only by children, but by adults, who loves football, too. If you are keen on soccer, but you cannot spend a whole week to play it, you can always find a one day to play football on artificial grass. The cost of building such infrastructure is obviously high, but its operation is cheaper than in the case of natural pitches. It is worth mentioning, however, that in this type of surfaces it is necessary to use appropriate footwear. And now we can return to the astroturfs, which were mentioned at the beginning. Astroturfs are boots for artificial grass. Inventors of these kind of shoes produced it with one purpose - to make playing on the artificial grass a lot, a lot easier. But, we have to mention, that astroturfs could be use on the other kind of surfaces, too - later we will tell more about this topic. What makes astroturfs such a great product on artificial grass?The secret is hidden in very specific sole. Astroturfs are equipped in dozens of really small, almost microscopic rubber cleats, which are placed very thigh one next to the other. These cleats length just few millimeters.

That type of sole guarantee the best comfort on the artificial grass. Hard, unnatural surface is the real deal for human joints - especially knees and ankles. By using astroturfs we can be one hundred percent sure, that the weight of the body will be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sole, which will provide adequate cushioning.But astroturfs guarantee not only cushioning, but also great adhesion on the pitches with artificial grass. Short, rubber cleats provides perfect control on the characteristic surface. While playing in astroturfs we can be sure, that the dynamic change of run direction, immediate stop or unsignalized dribbling will not be broken by the lack of adhesion. But, as we said before, astroturfs are good choice for other surfaces, too. If you have to play on a frozen grass - natural or artificial - then that kind of boots will be great.

For those, who cannot imagine themselves without cleats, we have got a perfect solution! Boots with AG sole - AG is a short from an artificial grass - are very similar to traditional football shoes. The one and only difference is the type of cleats. Cleats, which are known from the FG or SG boots, are longer, than this well known from AG boots. Amount of cleats in AG boots are noticeably bigger and the cleats are shorter. Of course, number of cleats in AG boots are lower than the number of rubber cleats in astroturfs. AG boots are perfect for the artificial grass. Just like the astroturfs, AG boots guarantee great adhesion and cushioning - that prevent from the dangerous injuries. What is really important - AG boots and astroturfs does not impact destructively on the artificial grass. We cannot say anything like this about other kind of boots like FG or SG.

On some pitches with artificial grass it is strictly forbidden to play with boots dedicated to the firm or soft ground. Pitches with artificial grass are very expensive and that is why administrators of that kind of infrastructure take care about it to avoid costs of renovation, which may be require if players use boots, which are forbidden. However, concern about the condition of the surface is not the only reason why shoes other than astroturfs should not be used on the pitches equipped with artificial grass. Below we explain why you should avoid FG or SG boots and choose AG or TF inserted.

FG boots are characterized by few, long cleats. This type of sole does not provide good adhesion on an artificial grass pitch. On lawns, the cleats drill into the ground, on artificial grass there is no chance for it. So when you’re playing with FG shoes on the artificial grass, you’ll feel like you’re running in heels, which seriously affects the comfort and thus the self-confidence on the pitch. The ability to control the ball properly will also decrease significantly. Last but not least – using FG boots on artificial grass literally means asking for an injury. This type of footwear does not provide sufficient cushioning and proper distribution of body weight, which can have fatal effects on the joints, especially the knees.

The same applies to SG boots. A few very long cleats do not offer sufficient adhesion and impair the playing comfort on artificial grass even more noticeably. Fortunately, there are very few brave slash stupid men who wear this kind of footwear on the artificial grass. Astroturfs and shoes with AG sole are made of very high quality materials to meet the particularities of playing on artificial surfaces. Dynamic rotations, sudden stops or changes of run direction expose the shoe to many forces that can weaken the construction. Fortunately, astroturfs are among the most robust footwear in the football world, and the materials used to make them guarantee durability and longevity. There is no doubt that astroturfs and/or cleats with AG soles should be in every player’s closet, no matter what level of play. In times when training and games are largely held on artificial grass pitches, the absence of these types of shoes is not only a manifestation of a dubious attitude to your profession or hobby, but also the risk of serious injuries that you can rule out for a very, very long time. So it is worth considering which brand of turfs or stoppers with AG sole you should choose.

adidas astroturfs and AG cleats — German brand do not forget about those, who play on the artificial grass. Astroturfs and AG cleats are one of the most important points in the portfolio of Adidas since many, many years. Design of this boots are exactly the same, as design of FG and SG boots, so the players, who wants too look the same as a football stars will be pleased. Astroturfs from adidas are equipped with many of technologies, which help to gain the best results on the pitch. The most popular models are adidas Predator and X Speedflow.

Nike astroturfs and AG cleats - Nike is not staying behind and has also prepared a very good offer for all artificial grass enthusiasts. The astroturfs of the American brand enjoy unbroken popularity. The avant-garde design of the Swoosh shoes attracts the attention of the youngest footballers, who – colloquially – are enthusiastic about the shoes of the famous brand. But design isn’t everything – AG cleats and astroturfs by Nike are also a huge collection of modern technologies that make gaming really enjoyable! Especially popular are the Nike Mercurial Turfy, which are a kind of symbol of fast and dynamic gameplay that has been promoted by the company for years.

Puma astroturfs and AG cleats - Puma has been experiencing a kind of renaissance lately, and the shoes of this brand are becoming more and more popular. We cannot underestimate the role of its new ambassador, Neymar, whose face promotes the famous German brand. But you have to give back the imperial to the Emperor – all Puma football boots are a guarantee of the highest quality that cannot be ignored. The German brand is pushing ever more courageously into European salons and gaining recognition from footballers all over the world!

Joma astroturfs - the best proposition for those, who are looking for a great quality and want to save money. Joma astroturfs are made from very solid synthetic materials which provide comfort during the game.

Mizuno astrofurfs - Mizuno is well known from its comfortable and durability. The secret is hidden in the upper which is made from the natural leather. This boots are very popular. In the country of its origin - Japan - but also in Brazil, too.

Diadora astroturfs - two the most important words about Diadora are solidness and durability. Italian manufacturer is the part of football family from many, many years, and boots, which are made in sunny Italy, are just great!

New Balance astroturfs - Sadio Mane approves! Since few years New Balance is the fourth force in the world of football products. Boots, which are made by american manufacturer fit very well and guarantee great comfort during the game.

Remember, that playing on artificial grass require proper boots. Astroturfs or AG cleats are the one and only choice for those, who play football on that kind of surfaces. If you do not have that type of boots - hurry up and get yourself at least a pair!