Indoor football shoes (Futsal)

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Indoor football shoes (Futsal)

Indoor football shoes is the type of footwear you can wear while doing sports, as well as while exercising on firm surfaces. In this category you can find shoes fit for PE classes and professional futsal boots, which will benefit your performance on the indoor court. The standard is a sole made of gum rubber. Some of the producers adjust the shoes design to the indoor court conditions, adding certain parameters to the well-known models. Others design their futsal shoes from scratch, some of them making it their specialization. In our shop you can find products fit for the hobbyists, who just play on the indoor court for fun, as well as for people who play futsal professionally. The futsal shoes in R-GOL are chosen carefully, so that they can meet even the highest expectations. The indoor football boots differ form the typical football cleats significantly. The sole and the boot construction are unalike, which meets the requirements of the different playing style. Futsal shoes allow you to move on the smaller ground efficiently and boost your ability to “feel the ball”. Properly chosen futsal boots are able to make playing easier and protect you from injuries typical for indoor courts.

Which futsal shoes to buy?
- with good traction – futsal court is smaller, but the game is more intense, which forces you to make frequent and quick changes in the running direction
- providing good control over the ball – some of the indoor football shoes have additional toe caps; you kick the futsal ball with the tip of the shoe often, and such solution makes it much more comfortable
- with a rubber sole – it’s important if you rent an indoor court, or if you want good shoes for PE classes

There are a couple of futsal shoes producers worth mentioning. All of their products are highly ergonomic and carefully designed. If treated accordingly to the intended use, they’ll last for a long time.
Adidas futsal shoes – the German producer offers you a few collections of futsal shoes. You can find the absolutely classical, retro-styled Adidas Classic, as well as the very modern-looking Adidas Nitrocharge. From the very beginning, Adolf Dassler’s company is associated with the highest quality boots, which won’t let you down on the indoor court.
Nike futsal shoes – in respect of the diversity, Nike is just as generous as Adidas. Some of the collections are the professional class Nike Lunargato, and the intro class Nike Hypervenom, which is the latest collection of the producer. Nike is considered trustworthy by many football clubs and players around the world.
Puma futsal shoes – the last but not least of the three of the biggest sportswear producers is not very active on the futsal shoes market. However, evoPower and evoSpeed are the models worth paying attention to.
Joma futsal shoes – the indoor football and futsal shoes are this company’s field of expertise. Specializing in this area, Joma quickly gained popularity in its country of origin – Spain. It’s also gaining popularity worldwide. Currently, Joma is high on the list of the world’s best futsal shoes producers. It combines the highest quality of the design with reasonable prices.
Diadora futsal shoes – the products’ palette of this Italian company is much wider, but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for the futsal shoes in it. Its technologies are of interest even to Adidas, so it would be good to get to know Diadora’s offers.
Mizuno futsal shoes – after gaining popularity on the market of the company’s country of origin – Japan, the sturdiness of Mizuno’s football boots has won the Brazilian football pitches and indoor courts over. The company is also gaining popularity worldwide. If you value durability and good performance on the indoor court, Mizuno’s indoor football boots would be a fantastic choice for you. These are probably the reasons that made Hulk choose this company.
Umbro futsal shoes – the British company has been present on the sports equipment market for a long time, but the boots became of its interest quite recently. It has already the clients’ trust worldwide, including the futsal players. The Norwegian handball team trusted the skills of the English and provided the players with Umbro indoor football shoes.

You mustn’t forget that it’s better not to wear futsal shoes on the other surfaces. The exploitation on the asphalt can result in damage of the sole (and in losing the right to return the boots within the warranty period.) They also don’t provide the traction needed on the soft ground surfaces and the natural grass surfaces.