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FOOTBALL APPAREL Spring, summer, autumn, winter, sun, rain, snow - soccer is always played, regardless of weather conditions. Properly selected soccer clothing is the key to feeling comfortable on the field. Manufacturers are constantly using new materials and technologies so that soccer outfits not only wick moisture to the outside but also fit the body well while not restraining movement. Interestingly, clothes for football players are increasingly becoming part of the everyday closet, so consequently, manufacturers attach great importance to how their outfits look not only on the field but also off it. The match outfit, that is, the jersey, shorts and socks - the basic elements of any player's clothing when it comes to football outfits. Different brands use different technologies (e.g., Adidas - Aeroready, Nike - Vaporknit, R-GOL - R-Clima) to ensure that users are as comfortable as possible during the game. As for the choice of jerseys, there is a wide range - from models packed with technologies that professionals play in, to mid-range copies, to basic models. When it comes to socks, too, we have several levels, from basic versions to softer models and even compression models to facilitate recovery. There is also the possibility of playing in non-slip socks, whose task is to stabilise the foot in the shoe - for this, it is recommended to choose socks without a foot. Tracksuit - when colder days or match days arrive, a tracksuit is definitely what every football player wears. As for sweatshirts, they are mostly made of lightweight, thin materials. They come in different versions - without zippers, full-length zippers, and zippers for a third of their length.

 Some have extra collars or extended sleeves to provide even more warmth. When choosing pants, it is worth paying attention to ensure they are fitted - that way, they will not interfere with the game. When the tracksuit itself is not enough, it is worth reaching for an orthalion jacket, providing additional protection from wind and rain. These jackets are made of lightweight materials, ensuring their comfort on the field. Some of them have a hood, additionally protecting the head and pockets, giving the opportunity to store small items. Thermoactive clothing - the first layer of clothing, the task of which is to wick moisture away as best as possible and maintain the thermal comfort of the body. We can find short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions - the same for sweatshirts and pants. They are used mainly on colder days for additional protection against the wind. On the other hand, when a workout or match is held on a really cold day, look for thermal clothing with an extra stand-up collar or thermal layer, which maintains thermal comfort. Speaking of cold days, here, too, soccer clothing is rich in various accessories that will make it easier to play during a training session or match. Gloves, snoods and caps are a must-have for any player in the winter. Gloves are made of different materials so everyone can choose the ones best suit them. Some are equipped with special silicone areas to make it easier to hold on to the ball when kicking out of bounds or have conductive material on the fingertips to make it easier to use a smartphone. 

The snoods provide neck protection from wind and low temperatures. Some of them have special technologies that wick sweat away to the outside, which gives a dry feeling. Caps are designed to protect the head from low temperatures. When all this is not enough, it is worth getting an insulated jacket - this one will also be perfect for coaches and players starting their matches on the substitute bench. Goalkeeper clothing, that is, all kinds of goalkeeper sweatshirts, pants and shorts. These are usually equipped with fall-softening protectors, usually located in the most vulnerable areas, namely the back, side, and knees in the case of pants and shorts and elbows in the case of sweatshirts. Lifestyle clothing - as mentioned above, clothing for soccer players is no longer just what players wear on the field but also what they wear off the field. The choice here is vast, from jerseys and tracksuits to hats, scarves, sleeveless jackets and even gloves. In addition to things made of polyester materials, mainly associated with soccer apparel, you will also find things made of cotton or other materials. The variety of designs and cuts means that everyone will find something that meets their requirements. On the other hand, thanks to the fact that these clothes are often signed by clubs or footballers, you can express your pride in your attachment to the club colours in question or your affection for a particular footballer. When choosing clothing for a football player, it is worth paying attention to the appropriate selection of clothing items for the current weather conditions. As you can see, the choice is vast, so both junior and senior, amateur and professional, will find something for themselves.