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Cleats - Firm ground football boots (FG)

Firm ground football boots (FG) are cleats with non-removable synthetic (PU, TPU, or rubber) studs. They can be used on various types of grounds, but the most suitable for them are the natural grass surfaces. Some public football pitches don’t allow playing in various types of cleats, so it’s always better to read the rules and regulations of the place.
One of the advantages of the FG boots is the fact that the studs are non-removable. There is no risk that a stud will fall out when playing. However, if a stud breaks, you can’t replace it. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t happen often, especially when playing in high quality boots. In the firm ground football boots you can play on the paving (but they may get damaged more easily). They are also perfect on natural grass and on artificial grass surfaces, even on the wet surfaces. The only problem with them is on the indoor courts, where they may leave stains and decrease traction and your ability to move easily.

The distribution of studs in FG cleats is highly standardized, which provides stability and acceleration. However, various firm ground boots differ, because every producer has different characteristics of their products. Nonetheless, FG football boots is the best choice when you’re not sure on which surface you’ll play or when you’re planning to play on different types of grounds, having only one pair of football boots. Firm ground cleats for children are the typical football boots for the youngest players. It’s not advised for them to wear the soft ground cleats at such a young age. It is a good idea to think if you want your boots to be with or without socks.

Among the FG boots producers we advise you to pay attention to:
Adidas cleats – a unique combination of tradition and modernity. Among the Adidas FG boots you can find absolutely futuristic models, as well as the retro stylized Adidas Classic models. Adidas is present in football since its earliest days, and this company’s boots are of the highest quality. The most popular are the Adidas Predator models, but Adidas X models are also worth recommendation.
Nike cleats – another company that needs no introduction. Being one of the most popular producers on the market, promoted by famous individuals – you can’t deny that Nike’s products are of the highest quality. Unlike Adidas, Nike places importance on the modern and unmistakeable design of the boots. Among the classics you can find the Nike Hypervenom, as well as the Nike Tiempo cleats.
Puma cleats – “the younger brother” of Adidas is the last of the biggest three FG football boots producers. Similarly to Adidas, Puma offers models of completely different designs – from the classical to the stylistic avant-garde. Even though Puma’s boots are worn by the football celebrities, the company also offers many models for beginners. You can have high quality boots for a reasonable price.
New Balance cleats – a company well-known for its fantastic running shoes is now also storming the football world. The New Balance football boots offer the lightness of running shoes with new design, sturdiness and high quality in reasonable prices.
Joma cleats – a new power on the European sportswear market, extremely popular in its country of origin – Spain, also gaining popularity worldwide. You can guess that a company from a country where a certain football club had been winning everything there was to win for 6 years has absolutely great boots.
Mizuno cleats – a fantastic offer for the fans of the Japanese innovation looking for versatile solutions. This company, thanks to its carefully designed projects, is one of the most dynamically developing on the market.
Umbro cleats – something for the British sophistication and composure lovers. For years the company was associated with “The Red Devils” of Manchester United with whom it was in partnership. Mainly because of that Umbro became known in the football world. Umbro offers high quality products, so it deserved its fame.
ASICS cleats – the Italian producer, known mostly by the running shoes, has FG boots in its offer as well. Sturdiness and durability guarantee a good performance on the football pitch.