Play for the planet

Join in our action and long-term strategy to achieve sustainability and promote eco-friendly behaviour "Play for the planet!". We have a long way to go - the more people get involved, the easier it will be to get there. We are aware of the changes and challenges ahead. That is why our brand feels obliged to pursue an environmentally friendly and sustainable policy.

What is Play for the planet?

The logotype Play for the planet! was created by combining two elements that are extremely important to us - our planet and the ball. The slogan refers to a football lifestyle that can also be environmentally friendly. That's why we urge you to make changes from today that will improve your quality of life and make the future safer for us all.

Four paths to success, like the four elements?

Our approach to sustainability and environmental strategy involves four different areas that we can influence. If we can make a difference in all of these aspects, our mission can deliver results. The "Play for the planet!" strategy is built of many bricks. Some of them are already in place, but some of them will be laid by us. Taking care of the environment is a never-ending process.

Conscious shopping

Our ultimate goal is to make your purchasing decisions as informed as possible. This will enable you to have a positive impact on the environment. All products marked with this symbol: are environmentally friendly. You will find them in every category. Whether you are looking for shoes, clothing or accessories, you are sure to find an eco-friendly product in our shop. We already have over 3,500 of them. We strive to add even more every day.

You can easily filter them, just use the corresponding option here.

If you want to make a responsible choice, check out environmentally friendly products

Our 'eleven' for the planet!

Sustainability is one of our most important goals for the years ahead. We wouldn't be urging you to play with us for the planet if we weren't making and planning for change ourselves. We always start with ourselves. Check out what we have already managed to do. Remember, however, that we still have a long way to go.

  • ikona Our focus is on environmentally friendly products
  • ikona We use environmentally certified packaging
  • ikona We have optimised our logistics processes, thereby reducing our carbon footprint
  • ikona We have equipped our logistics centre and offices with solutions to reduce electricity, gas and energy consumption
  • ikona We take care to separate waste accurately and work with companies to ensure proper recycling
  • ikona We only work with responsible and environmentally conscious partners
  • ikona We use digital solutions in marketing campaigns to reduce the use of paper and physical media
  • ikona We are implementing eco solutions in infrastructure and habits: bee houses, photovoltaics, reducing paper consumption, etc.
  • ikona We promote eco approaches among employees
  • ikona We support eco initiatives in Poland and Europe
  • ikona We give a second life to products through our "Podaj dalej" campaign

What can you do for the planet?

While you probably know very well how to take care of the environment, from our side we have some tips for you on how to be a more conscious Consumer:


Look after your products - care for them properly and use them responsibly


Always use the hints on the label on how to wash and care for your equipment


Order thoughtfully - do not send parcels back if it is not necessary


Choose products marked with


Use packaging again - this will reduce litter


If you happen to damage something - fix it instead of buying a new one


Share unwanted products with others - surely someone will like your old item


Join our 'Podaj dalej' campaign, in which we give a second life to products