Soft ground football boots (SG)

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Soft ground football boots (SG)

Soft grounds football boots are cleats with detachable studs. The studs are usually made from aluminium or another metal. The footwear of this type is made especially for playing in difficult atmospheric conditions, when the football pitch is muddy or wet. The type of cleats to wear on a football pitch depends on how muddy the ground is. If the ground is only a bit wet, cleats without socks will be good enough. If the surface is heavily muddy, it would be necessary to wear cleats with socks. To every SG boot you can adjust studs of different length. A muddy ground is actually the only condition when wearing soft ground cleats is absolutely necessary. Wearing them on firm ground surfaces may not only be uncomfortable, but also lead to having corns on your feet. It is also possible that the studs will fall out on a firm surface. Fortunately, the studs can be easily replaced. It is usually forbidden to wear SG football cleats on artificial grass surfaces and in indoor courts, because it may lead to the surface damage or injuries. Children also can’t wear SG cleats – this type of football boots may be too dangerous in competition at that young age.

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Adidas SG cleats – with Adidas Kaiser SG cleats you can feel like Franz “Kaiser” Beckenbauer himself. They look like they’ve been taken out of the times when he was at the peak of his career. For more modern solutions enthusiasts Adidas offers many models of SG football boots too.
Nike SG cleats – Neymar, Ibrahimowić, Ronaldo – these are just the most popular names which you can associate with Nike SG football cleats. Because of these boots even the biggest football stars can amaze the audience with tricks even in the difficult weather conditions.
Puma SG cleats – you can choose among the classical-looking Puma King cleats and a few different models of less conservative-looking designs. These cleats have been worn by the biggest football stars for years, and it probably won’t change any time soon.
Mizuno SG cleats – the Japanese company also produced its own collection of SG football boots. Morelia allows you to keep track of your performance on the football pitch even in bad weather. The Brazilian footballer Hulk is the best example to prove this point.