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The football boots is the most basic weapon of every football player, regardless of their age and position on the football pitch. Nike, Adidas, Puma – the world’s biggest footwear producers have been surpassing one another in creating boots of the highest quality for many years. Every year new models appear - and with them new solutions. The football boots selection is huge nowadays, and finding the perfect ones for you is easier than ever. However, it doesn’t mean that choosing them is a quick process. You have to analyse your needs and get to know the producers’ offers. When you’re looking for a pair for yourself, you have to remember about a few basic aspects. First of all – choose a proper sole. The choice of the sole type that’ll be the best for you depends on the ground type. You can choose from the types such as: FG soles for firm ground surfaces, AG and TF soles for artificial grass surfaces, SG soles for wet, soft grass surfaces, soles for different types of grounds like FG/AG, or FG/MG, as well as IC and IN soles for indoor courts and surfaces. At first these markings may seem difficult to understand, but it’s them that define on which surface it’s best to wear a given model. Adhering to the producer’s recommendations is important not only for health reasons, but also due to the fact that you may lose your right to return the boots if they break within the warranty period. What’s more, a properly chosen sole will have a positive impact on how you perform on the football pitch.

The next aspect to take into consideration is how often you’re going to be on the football pitch. According to that you can choose among 4 classes. The first is the intro class. The boots form this category are made of basic synthetic materials. They’re perfectly fine for occasional football practice, e.g. once a week. A level higher are the team class boots. They’re best for regular football practice due to the lighter and stronger materials they’re made of. The next is the semi-professional class. If you want to try some of the professional class solutions for a lower price, it is a perfect choice for you. Boots from this category are made of airy materials which mould to the contours of your feet better than the ones from the lower classes. The highest is the professional class. These are the cleats which the professional football players wear. They are the lightest, most comfortable models, made from the highest quality synthetic materials or kangaroo leather. The leather, despite being very lightweight, is extremely sturdy and durable. Nevertheless, you have to remember that the football boots are only a tool designed to help. It depends on you if you use your boots’ potential to the fullest.

Every producer tries to provide a wide selection of cleats from which you can find a model that meets your expectations. Nike has 4 main collections. The first is the Nike Mercurial. Nike Mercurial Vapor is a version without socks, whereas Nike Mercurial Superfly is a version with socks. The second collection – Nike Phantom Vision – is one of the younger representatives of the brand. All the Phantom Vision models have socks. What’s interesting, this is the only collection on the global market with the shoelaces hidden under the first layer of material. The third and the last synthetic collection of the American producer is Nike Phantom Venom. Contrary to Phantom Vision, Phantom Venom only comes in models without socks. The last main collection is Nike Tiempo. As the only one of the main collections, its upper is made of natural leather. Nike’s semi-professional and professional models of futsal boots (IN) always have soft soles. The same technology, just like Nike Lunarlon, originates from the running shoes. It means that Nike Mercurial or Nike Phantom Venom futsal boots are ideal for you if you’re looking for a better stability. An interesting solution can be observed in FG football cleats. Some of football boots for firm ground surfaces, such as Nike Mercurial Vapor in team class have soles fit for both soft ground surfaces and artificial grass surfaces. Some studs are circular in shape, which prevents your boot from tackling in artificial grass.

The next company whose products can be found in our shop is Adidas. Similarly to Nike, Adidas has 4 main collections. The first and most popular is Adidas Predator. Adidas Predator Mutator professional class model made the collection successful thanks to its characteristic rubber elements on the upper. The second collection is Adidas Nemezis, which stands out because of its bandage-like upper. One of its models is Adidas Nemezis Messi. The third collection is Adidas X – the lightest from the German producer. The fourth collection’s models – Adidas Copa – are made of leather. Adidas turf boots and futsal boots have laceless models, which may be very helpful for younger players, as well as for goalkeepers. Solutions deriving from running shoes, such as soft soles, are used in Adidas turf cleats and futsal boots. You mustn’t forget about the FG and MG cleats, available in team class, in which you can play on both firm ground and artificial grass surfaces. Football cleats is a domain of yet another German company – Puma, who has 2 main collections. The first one is a synthetic only Puma Future. These cleats have no eyelets, in place of which NetFit technology is implemented. The second collection is Puma One. Boots from this collection are partially made of natural leather, which is perfect if your feet are on the wider side. Puma has also offers for futsal players. The Puma 365 are perfect for fast, dynamic play. You mustn’t forget also about the iconic-looking Puma King, made of natural leather, which have been gaining new fans for many years. New Balance is developing quickly on the football boots market. Despite not being known for cleats, this popular company offers 2 collections of football boots. Tekela and Furon are loved by people who are looking for something fresh and new. The New Balance futsal boots are great for both younger and older players due to their classical structure and innovative style.

The giants are not the only ones that deserve your attention. Spanish Joma may not be extremely popular, but its football boots are of great artistry. Its most well-known model is Joma Top Flex. Joma’s futsal and turf boots are known for being comfortable and sturdy. The Spanish company’s football boots are often chosen by professional futsal players, as well as by coaches who value natural leather boots. Being made of leather is why Joma’s futsal boots are a great choice for you if your feet are wide. Another company known for its artistry is the Japanese Mizuno. This company is known for its handmade, professional football boots. The Mizuno Morelia and Mizuno Rebula models are valued by professionals worldwide. The Italian Diadora has been representing the highest quality and excellence of their football boots for many years. The last producer whose football cleats you can find in our shop is Under Armour. The company’s high quality is represented by models such as Under Armour Magnetic. These football boots may be perfect for you if you value simplicity, but you want to get to know the benefits that come with playing in synthetic boots.

First and foremost, your football cleats should be comfortable. You should choose your size carefully, so it’s best to try on a few pairs in the shop. Every model is different, so even if you know your shoe size, buying football boots online might be difficult. The differences in the materials and in the upper’s shape of various collections models are the reasons why buying your boots online might prove troublesome. To choose a model perfect for you it’s be good to try on the boots with your socks on. If your football boot doesn’t fit even in the slightest, not only you might be uncomfortable, but also it can be dangerous and lead to injuries.

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