Puma gloves

The Puma company has been on the football market for a long time. However, for several years their products have been gaining more and more fans, all thanks to original and bold solutions, as well as high quality and interesting designs. All of this is true for their goalkeeper gloves too. Cooperation with such goalkeepers as Bernd Leno and Gianluigi Donnarumma proves that these gloves are a real competition for other brands as they stand for the highest quality. In Puma goalkeeper gloves there is also a classic division to sizes (junior and senior), level of advancement, models, colours and cutting. Most gloves have the Hybrid Cut, which is very comfortable thanks to the seams directed outwards. The lack of seams on the foam provides excellent damping and feeling of the ball, and we also gain a catching area. Another cut is the modern Negative Cut, with seams inside the glove, which fits the hand tightly. It is slim and allows optimal movement. The last one is the Roll Finger - the foam around the fingers provides an excellent fit of the gloves and increases the catching area. The Roll Finger cutting gloves offer a better hand feeling compared to the Negative Cut or Hybrid Cut styles. Puma has four models of goalkeeper gloves – Ultra, Future, One and King. Puma Ultra Protect 1 RC gloves - these gloves are made with high precision and accuracy, which ensures an exceptional comfort of use. The manufacturer has also used a 3mm Multi Grip foam, which guarantees very good grip in all conditions. The innovative Flextec finger protection system patented by Puma is a light reinforcement that provides additional protection. An important element is also a flexible bandage that gives support to the wrist. Puma Future Grip 5.1 Hybrid gloves – the modern goalkeeper gloves from Puma. These gloves are made with high precision and accuracy, which ensures high comfort for the goalkeeper, and the special foam used in them provides excellent grip and a secure grip on the ball. During the game, it stays in place thanks to a special reinforced clasp. Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Gloves - the highest quality match gloves are designed using the latest 4mm Grip Latex foam, providing excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. The hybrid construction of the fingers and the double strengthening of the thumb ensure a perfect fit and excellent contact with the ball. The elements placed on the glove imitate the natural shape of the hand. Embossed latex on the back provides better protection and grip, while aeroprene in the front part allows the skin to breathe. Gloves can be attached with a wrap around the wrist. A mesh case can be used for transport.

How to choose Puma gloves?
First of all, you need to know your size. Puma goalkeeper gloves are made in sizes ranging from 3 to 12. The best way to choose the perfect size is to try on the gloves, but if you don’t have a possibility to do so, you can use the size chart. The hand should be measured from the base to the tip of the middle finger. The appropriate value in centimetres is always assigned to a specific size. A common solution is also choosing the size based on the width of the hand. The goalkeeper gloves are divided into junior and senior. Junior gloves are usually made up to size 8. The next step is to choose the level of advancement of the gloves. Intro level models have a thin foam and are made of basic materials. They are good for people who don’t play regularly. The training gloves are a bit thicker, and better materials make them perfect for starting your adventure with goalkeeping. The highest in the hierarchy are the gloves for matches. They are used by professional players and are characterized by thick foam (usually 4mm) and the highest quality materials in which the latest technologies are used. Goalkeeper gloves are also divided according to the type of foam/latex. Each producer offers many technologies, but we will focus on three versions that are widely available. The first type are goalkeeper gloves for dry weather conditions. It is the most commonly used type with high adhesion. The second type are gloves used in difficult, wet weather conditions. This type of foam absorbs less water, and, as a result, retains its grip qualities even in the rain. The last type, which is not offered by all producers, is the foam with increased durability. Unfortunately, you can't have everything at once, so when you decide to have durability, you lose the excellent grip.