Puma football boots


Puma is one of the world’s three most prominent manufacturers of football boots. The brand's history includes names such as the infamous Pelé, who made the German manufacturer's football boots famous. Today, Puma football boots can also be found on the feet of the world's top players, but several decades of development have meant that the current models have little in common with the great Brazilian's boots. Modern technologies and unprecedented solutions make the comfort and user experience at the highest level.

What Puma Football Boot Models Exist? Puma Future - This model debuted in 2017 and took the market by storm. This is because the Puma Future football boots did not have lace holes. An innovative solution called Netfit meant that binding was unnecessary, but if the user wanted to have one, they could configure it any way they wanted. This technology has survived and can be found in an improved form in the Puma Future 6.1. The upper of this model is made of lightweight woven yarn, allowing the shoe to fit perfectly to the feet. The RAPID AGILITY sole, made from a single cast synthetic material is durable, while the rounded studs are suitable for natural and artificial grass. Puma Ultra - The latest offering from the German manufacturer. The lightest model in the range has instantly become a hit. The all-synthetic MATRYXEVO has an upper made of active aramid whilst carbon fibre provides support. The SpeedUnit sole created from Pebax facilitates acceleration. This model has replaced the partially leather Puma One plugs. You will most often notice this model on the feet of fast, offensive players who base their game on speed and quick changes of direction. It is Puma's lightest football shoe since the already well-known Puma EvoSpeed plugs. Some of the world’s best attacking players, such as Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Aguero & Nikita Parris, have been giving feedback during its development. Puma King - A true legend. The updated classic is the answer to the demands of customers who appreciate simplicity. The all-leather upper is made from soft and durable kangaroo leather. The Puma King football boot has also gained acclaim for its lack of a classic tongue, which is not a popular option with their competitors. The latest representative of this line is Neymar Jr himself. Despite appearances, the Puma King football boots are lightweight and comfortable at the same time, all thanks to the best quality materials.

What Are The Performance Levels of Puma Football Boots?

Puma football boots are available in four performance levels. It is worth noting that all of the German company's lanks with an FG/AG sole are suitable for both natural and artificial grass. Recreational level - Recreational Puma stoppers do not have the latest technology but have solutions that are available in a similar form in higher models. All models at this level are made of synthetic materials. They are aimed at people who appreciate simplicity. Ideal for recreational players who do not train regularly. Amateur level - The second level in the hierarchy already provides a much better fit and comfort. Puma football boots from this level already have some of the technologies from their professional counterparts, such as the Puma Future, in which you will notice the Netfit mesh. In the amateur models, you can already train and play regularly without any worries. Semi-professional level - Puma semi-professional football boots are much lighter and more durable than their predecessors. They already use the same or very similar technologies as the professional shoes but on a smaller scale. They are aimed at people who train and play with high frequency and want to experience better quality materials. Professional level - It is in these shoes that stars such as Antoine Griezmann and Neymar play. The best quality materials are sprinkled with modern technology. The perfect fit and very low weight make the professional models much more comfortable than previous proposals and they also provide better stability and acceleration. Puma football boots are not just about corks. Of course, the Puma Future and Puma Ultra models are also available as turf and indoor models. Models with the TF or IT designations retain all the best features of the corks. The German manufacturer also has a line of shoes created, for example, for indoor players, and we are talking about the Puma 365 shoes. This model in the Sala or Futsal version is aimed at professional players and amateurs of the indoor version of football. Puma football boots have a unique size chart so that the insole length is usually 0.5cm longer than in the same size from other manufacturers. Each shoe model is different. The material of the shoe itself makes a difference, but also the shape of the upper of specific lines of Puma plugs. To find the perfect size, it is a very good idea to try the shoes on with gaiters or socks that will be used at the same time as the corks/turf/halves. Even a half-centimetre difference can mean that you don't fit a model specifically for your foot. An ill-fitting football boot is not only a lack of comfort but also a health risk.