Nike gloves

The position of a goalkeeper can be considered the most difficult, and certainly the most responsible one on the pitch. Players who decide to play in the goal should not only be well prepared physically, but also have strong character traits. Goalkeeper gloves are a necessary piece of goalkeeper equipment. Choosing the right Nike gloves can correct the shortcomings of a goalkeeper and, above all, minimize the risk of making mistakes that are not related to his skills. Every goalkeeper, who wants to compete with the strikers and the balls, which are to cause you as much trouble as possible, must feel confident and comfortable on the pitch. There are great players with extraordinary reflex, or who have relatively small hands, who can "feel" the striker but have a poor grip. In both of these situations properly selected gloves can minimize the problem, while emphasizing the player's skills. Each part of the glove helps protect the goalkeeper's hand in different ways. Different models help goalkeepers play under certain conditions. The construction of the Nike goalkeeper glove doesn’t differ much from the other companies offers. The back of the hand is heavily padded to protect the hand when striking the ball. Cheaper gloves usually have only one layer of foam, while the high-end models are cushioned with latex. The fingers are the goalkeeper's best defense as they allow him to catch and hold the ball. The fit depends on the goalkeeper’s preference. Some like the control that gloves with stiffening provide, while others choose a looser fit which gives fingers more freedom. Part of the hand helps to catch and secure the ball. It’s the element that wears out the fastest, so it needs special care. The fastener is the part that attaches the glove to your hand. Velcro fasteners are made of flexible material and have an adjustable strap that can be tightened or released.

Goalkeeper gloves are just like football boots, and they come in many different models. The companies offer gloves that differ in design, foam or the materials used. Nike goalkeeper gloves offered by the R-GOL shop are one of the most popular goalkeeper products in the world. Only brands such as Adidas, Reusch or Uhlsport are equally popular.
The key to finding the equipment that guarantees the highest comfort and effectiveness of the game is choosing the right size. In theory, the size is the same among goalkeeper gloves producers. The most common range is from 3 to 12 - the higher the size, the larger the goalkeeper gloves. In most models, the junior sizes are 3-7 and the senior ones 7-12. Sometimes, sizes 7 and 8 in junior overlap with the senior Nike gloves.

In the R-GOL shop, you can find three cuttings of Nike goalkeeper gloves.
Flat - the most popular cut characterized by visible, external sewing, intended mainly for beginner goalkeepers. It is characterized by the highest durability. The foam of the catching area, called the Palm, is separated from the back of the glove by a material that is most often by high air permeability, which ensures exceptionally good ventilation of the hand. The simplicity of the Nike flat goalkeeper gloves makes this model cheaper than the others. However, gloves of this cutting are slightly less fitted and looser, so they will be perfect as training gloves.
Negative – this cut is based on sewing the side panels to the foam with an internal seam. As a result, the gloves fit the hand better, ensuring a proper fit and a better ball feeling. The cut is often chosen by professional goalkeepers, mainly because it provides excellent damping against strong shots and allows a more secure grip. Perfect as match gloves.
Hybrid - a cut that combines the features of other known solutions. The construction guarantees the highest possible ball feeling and shock absorption. In structure it resembles Rollfinger, but the seams are hidden inside the glove. This cutting of Nike gloves is among the most expensive in the R-GOL shop offer.

Nike goalkeeper gloves are produced in two levels of advancement.
Nike training gloves are designed for beginners, as well as for professional players. The catching area is usually made of soft foam, which is made in such a way that the gloves are more durable than the match ones. Unfortunately, the gripping is not that perfect. The R-GOL company offers several interesting models of Nike gloves for training.
The Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Victory Goalkeeper Gloves feature soft foam around the toes for enhanced grip in all conditions. The contact area stretches easily, allowing optimal movement. Inverted seams ensure a perfect fit. The soft foam on the inside allows a secure grip and ball feeling. These are the best gloves in the training category.
The Nike Grip3 Goalkeeper Gloves have foam surrounding the thumb, index finger and little finger. It provides great ball control and a large contact area. The band placed above the wrist doesn’t make your movements difficult and is fastened with an adjustable strap. Flexible material on the outer and inner sides of the hand allows you to stretch your hands easily. Airy inserts make the gloves breathable. The Nike Goalkeeper Match Goalkeeper Gloves have foam lining and a smooth area for a secure grip in all weather conditions. The foam on the palm provides protection. The Velcro wrist strap provides a comfortable and secure fit. Perforations on the fingers increase airflow. Strategically placed lining reduces the force of the impact. It is the simplest and cheapest model of Nike gloves, very popular among young players.

Nike match gloves are the highest quality models that retain their qualities in all weather conditions, whether you need to defend in the sun or during rainstorm. The gripping part is usually made of latex, which has excellent grip qualities. They wear off faster than training gloves when used equally frequent, but in terms of quality and comfort they are incomparably better. Due to the high standards of workmanship, match gloves require a lot of care. Below you can find some of them. The Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Elite gloves are Nike's most expensive gloves using premium foam with additional impact absorption qualities and the great new ACC (All-Conditions Control) technology for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. A gusset with reverse seams wraps around the hands for a natural fit. The innovative inner seam offers optimal movement and great comfort. Flexible fit adapts perfectly to the hand and, as a result, no split pin is needed. Perforated foam mesh provides a comfortable fit. This is the latest model, slightly different from traditional gloves.Nike Vapor Grip 3 gloves are professional match goalkeeper gloves from Nike. They are made of the highest quality materials to ensure the highest comfort for a goalkeeper. 4mm Contact Foam absorbs the impact force perfectly and provides a secure grip during an intervention. ACC technology provides optimal ball control in both dry and wet conditions. These gloves also ensure additional ventilation, as well as Grip 3 technology which optimizes ball control. Nike Vapor Grip 3 is an excellent choice for professional goalkeepers who perform on natural grass and need equipment that provides maximum support and comfort. The Nike Goalkeeper SGT Premier gloves have a laser-cut pattern for better grip on the ball (Sipe Grip technology). The flexible material is responsible for a perfect fit and the adjustable Velcro strap keeps the gloves in place.

Nike goalkeeper gloves are an excellent choice for beginners and professional players. The best goalkeepers in the world wear Nike gloves, which is an unspoken recommendation for this equipment. On European football pitches we can see such stars wearing Nike gloves: Alisson (Liverpool) - the best goalkeeper of the Champions League 2019, Ederson (Manchester City), Roman Burki (Borussia Dortmund), Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid), Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid) or Jordan Pickford (Everton).