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Nike football boots


Nike football shoes are one of the essential elements of a football wardrobe, trusted by millions of players around the world. Watching Europe's most popular leagues (including the English Premier League, the Spanish Premera Division, the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga), we can see the latest models of Nike football boots on the feet of many players. Some go for the latest trends, others for the classics, and some are attached to slightly older models. Nowadays, Nike football boots are produced in various versions to help as many players as possible find the best footwear to suit their needs and playing style. In comparison with previous years, today's Nike football boots are certainly distinguished by their very light weight and water resistance. Nike football boots, due to their intended use, have different soles. We can distinguish the following versions: 
Lanki (FG) - Shoes designed for natural grass surfaces. Ideal for playing in good weather conditions, when the surface is not too compacted or slippery. Studs/Mixes (SG, SG-PRO) - Boots designed for natural grass pitches. Thanks to the use of metal studs, they are ideal for soft, gritty surfaces. Lanks (AG, AG-PRO) - Shoes designed for play on artificial grass surfaces. The sole is said to be FG, except that only round studs are used. They are shorter and more densely spaced. Lanks (FG/MG) - Football boots with a so-called combination sole in which you can play on dry natural surfaces and artificial turf. Turf (TF) - Football boots designed for artificial football surfaces. They have an outsole with short rubber plugs providing a high level of playing comfort and a good grip on artificial turf pitches. This type of football boot also works well on frozen ground.

Indoor shoes(IC) - Traditional shoes with a flat sole designed for indoor play on parquet, rubber and rubber surfaces. In most cases, the sole is made of non-marking material. Nike stoppers have been perfected in their design to the point where Club-level boots look just like the Elite level boots from a distance. Nike just use more basic technologies to keep the price down. This is absolutely perfect for those who are on a budget but want to maintain the iconic Nike swoosh look and feel. They are shoes for professional football players, players from lower leagues and amateurs who love top-quality football equipment. The stoppers are made of the best materials and provide the ultimate playing comfort. These shoes are equipped with the most significant number of modern technologies - for example, the Nike Mercurial Superfly Elite or the Tiempo Legend Elite. A rung below, we have semi-professional shoes. Shoes with a slightly different character than professional corks. They contain many of the most important features of professional shoes. Still, thanks to the use of more economical materials in the least important parts of the plugs, they are slightly cheaper than their professional counterparts. E.g. Mercurial Vapor PRO FG. The third group is amateur footwear. The stoppers in this tier are the ideal choice for people who are not PRO footballers but go out on the pitch more than once a week. The materials used in these shoes make them comfortable to play in and fun to play matches with friends - for example, the Nike Phantom GT Academy. At the bottom of the list, we have to mention recreational football boots - boots for football fans who do not play football professionally but just enjoy kicking a football. These are the stoppers for sports enthusiasts who do not put their equipment under as much strain as professional players. For example, the Nike Phantom GT Club. Nike does not forget about the youngsters, which is why it produces some of its models in professional versions. The professional version of a football shoe for children is, in many cases, half the price of the professional shoes for seniors. As a result, young football adepts already in their junior years can enjoy the benefits of using a professional football shoe (e.g. Nike Superfly Elite Jr). However, the most crucial division of Nike boots - is probably the one by Silo. Here players have a choice of leather or synthetic shoes. With a broader or narrower upper. With a sock, and also without. The most expensive and best model in this line is the Tiempo Legend Elite, which comes in three versions for the sole (FG, SG-PRO, AG-PRO). These stoppers are made of premium kangaroo leather, guaranteeing an even better ball feel. The upper features ACC (All Condition Control) technology, allowing us to control the football in different weather conditions. These shoes are mainly aimed at defensive players, which is why defender Sergio Ramos (PSG) has successfully performed in them. Of the Polish players, however, we can undoubtedly single out Kamil Glik.

The semi-professional model is the Tiempo Legend Pro. They come in turf, indoor, AG and FG sole. The shoes are made of calf leather and the indoor and turf shoes use specialised foam in the sole, which provides much better cushioning. The amateur model is the Tiempo Academy, while the last recreational model (Tiempo Club) is synthetic leather. Phantom Professional Model Elite The line that appeared on the market at the beginning of 2018, replaced the Silo Hypervenom. It was created for those footballers for whom dribbling is an indispensable part of the game. Thanks to Flyknit and Quadfit technologies, the shoe adapts perfectly to the foot’s shape. Flywire technology wraps around the midfoot for excellent stabilisation of the foot in the shoe. Moreover, it provides a dynamic cut that allows you to gain an advantage over your rival right from the start. The asymmetrical binding system increases the surface area where the crucial part of the shoe meets the ball. The ACC technology ensures that the shoe functions perfectly in all conditions. The moulded insole wraps and compresses the foot, while the textured NikeGrip fabric helps keep the foot in place, eliminating any slippage of the foot inside the shoe. The HyperReactive plate in the outsole flexes in key areas, providing consistent contact with the pitch and multi-directional grip on hard ground. Rounded, diamond-shaped studs in the forefoot provide rotational grip, while studs in the midfoot and heel provide quick returns and stability. Semi-professional Pro Model - The Nike Skin Synthetic - The upper adapts to the anatomical shape of the foot. Flywire technology wraps around the midfoot for superior stabilisation of the foot in the shoe. Again, there is an asymmetrical binding, but the lower tongue is covered in stretch mesh rather than Flywire technology stitching. The stretch mesh tongue conforms to the foot. The tongue is an integral part of the shoe for a perfect fit, the contoured insole wraps and cradles the foot. The HyperReactive plate in the sole flexes in key areas, providing consistent contact with the field and multi-directional grip on hard ground. Academy Amateur Model - The mesh upper created with NikeSkin technology adapts to the foot. An asymmetrical lacing system expands the impact area. Stretch mesh covers the lower half of the laces for better ball control. Spikes in the sole aid return on natural turf. Club Leisure Model - Soft synthetic upper adapts to the anatomical shape of the foot. The tongue made of neoprene is fixed inside the shoe. 
Nike Phantom football boots are trusted by Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) and Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) to name but a few.

The third silo is the Mercurial line, appearing in an upper with a sock (Superfly) and also in an upper without an extension (Vapor version). The shoes are especially dedicated to fast, agile wingers. The line is trusted by Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus Turin) and Kylian Mbappe (PSG).The most expensive professional versions are the Superfly Elite and Vapor Elite models. These shoes use a combination of Flywire and Flyknit materials for the first time ever, making the upper durable, flexible, elastic, and insensitive to stretching. These elements contribute significantly to the comfort of the wearer and the game. Add to this the ACC (All Conditions Control) technology and you have a killer shoe. The innovative Nike Aerotrak system in the sole increases grip and allows maximum power to be translated into speed. This line also includes semi-professional (Superfly/Vapor PRO), amateur (Superfly/Vapor Academy), or recreational (Superfly/Vapor Club) models. As with the above - the cheaper model carries far less technology and amenities. So you can see in black and white that the different levels of sophistication differ significantly. The Elite version is the most technologically advanced, but if someone is looking for shoes for "Sunday" playing, the Academy or Club model will also be a good move.