New Balance glovers

New Balance brand offers products of good quality and durability. This company is known mostly for its shoes. However, it has also entered the goalkeeper gloves market and offers match gloves that are just as good as football giant producers’ gloves. The New Balance goalkeeper gloves are a combination of modern materials with a fresh look while basing on classical solutions. They are characterized by the highest quality and fit.

An example of professional gloves offered by this American manufacturer are the New Balance Supercellbay Sidesilver goalkeeper gloves. They are made of materials of the highest quality to provide users with adequate comfort while playing. A special 4mm Hyper Robusto foam and the "finger sling" technology ensure a firm grip of the ball and closer contact with the fingers. Silicone 3D inserts on the back of the hand are to help you punch the ball. A solid Velcro fastening makes the glove stable on the hand. These gloves have standard flat cutting. They can also be found in intro models of New Balance gloves and are characterized by a flat, classic foam. The most common and well-known cutting is the Roll Finger. The seams are found on the outside of the gloves, thanks to which the contact area with the ball is larger. In addition, the foam on the fingers is rounded, which perfectly reflects the anatomy of the hand. The disadvantage of this solution is the seam that connects the two fingers in the middle of the glove. The foam in this area is more susceptible to damage. The second most popular cutting of New Balance goalkeeper gloves is the Negative Cut. Contrary to the Roll Finger, the seams are directed inwards, which results in a better fit and the lack of protruding material ends on the fingers. This is the perfect solution for those who want their goalkeeper gloves to fit like it was their second skin. Another cutting is the Hybrid Cut, which is a combination of Roll Finger and Flat cuts. The fingers are rounded, but this cutting is seamless, which weakens the middle section of the foam. Remember that regardless of the cutting it is crucial for the gloves to fit well, so choose the right size.

New Balance gloves often have silicone inserts and come in either flashy or dark colours in most cases. There are no unnecessary elements in these gloves. Everything a professional goalkeeper needs is included in the New Balance gloves. Another advantage of these gloves is their appearance. The variety of colours and the models will satisfy people for whom design is just as important as the other features. Strong fasteners of the New Balance goalkeeper gloves have sturdy rubber grips. Thanks to them you can be sure that they won’t get damaged when fastening and unfastening the gloves. The classic New Balance logo is iconic and truly adorns the exterior of the New Balance goalkeeper gloves.