Joma football boots


Although the Spanish giant is mainly known for its indoor and artificial turf models, we should also mention other shoes produced by Joma. Years of experience and the best materials make Joma football boots highly competitive to the most prominent manufacturers. What Joma Football Boots Can You Find At R-GOL? Start with the brand's greatest pride!

Joma indoor soccer shoes have been the definition of high quality, durable shoes for years. Anyone with even a passing interest in football knows that the Joma brand is renowned for its indoor football boots. With top-quality materials, a great fit and comfort, Joma football boots can be seen on the feet of professional players and amateurs alike. The biggest star, the Joma Top Flex, is also available with a turf sole for artificial turf. The upper of this model is made of extremely durable yet soft leather, allowing the shoe to adapt to the shape of each foot. The reinforcements placed on the tips make the stitching more durable, while the fabric hems prevent the shoes from spreading too much. The Joma Top Flex shoes also feature a sole with Flexo technology, which provides cushioning while remaining flexible. The same technologies are present in shoes with the IN and TF designations. Another model that the Spanish brand offers is the Joma Regate. Here, in turn, a completely synthetic upper is used. The cut is made of microfibre and nylon. TPU inserts are put on the nylon to protect the feet from abrasion. This model is constructed with inner nylon to keep the foot stable on the sole. It has reinforced toe tips. This solution ensures very low weight and breathability. The midsole is made of dual-density phylon, the upper part is firmer to provide stability and the lower part is made with the new Rebound 2.0 technology. Although the Joma Regate indoor shoes are classified as amateur shoes, even professional football players use them.

Joma's indoor shoes have also become a trademark of the brand with the Joma Mundial model. This classic shoe is made from leather for an incredible fit and comfort, with reinforcements on the toe caps for added durability. The upper is made of microfibre. The Joma Mundial shoes are a perfect hybrid of synthetic materials and leather, ensuring comfort and fit, but also low weight. A definite plus is also the soft and flexible sole, which supports the joints and relieves pressure during running. In addition to the models we are all familiar with, Joma also has plugs in its range. One example is the Joma Aguila, which is Joma's recreational football shoe. The synthetic upper follows the classic shape and is both durable and lightweight. The thin tongue and strategically placed studs make the boots ideal for use on natural grass. Models such as the Joma Propulsion, which is a well-known shoe to everyone, and the Joma Numero 10 are made for amateurs who want a good-quality shoe that will stand the test of time without costing a lot. The Joma stoppers are also a bold but aesthetically pleasing design. Different colours are interspersed with patterns and model names.

What characterises Joma football boots? Joma football boots owe their power to simplicity and the use of only the essentials. There is no need to look for socks here, which you will only see in a few models. Highly durable synthetic materials guarantee satisfaction. The Joma shoes are the definition of simple football boots, where you get very good quality footwear for an affordable price that is designed for natural grass. It is important to note that the Joma boots are FG, which means that under no circumstances should you play in them on artificial turf, as you risk losing your warranty. In addition to the loss of warranty, our health is at stake, namely the condition of our joints, which can be overloaded when the shoes are used incorrectly. The word that springs to mind first is Technology. Every year, Spanish engineers create new materials and systems that are introduced, among other things, into Joma indoor football boots. The health and comfort of the consumer always come first, which is why all the soles are soft and provide great grip. This is key to performing well on indoor pitches. Those who prefer leather and those who want synthetic materials will find their ideal model. However, keep in mind that all Joma indoor football boots are built differently, so choosing the perfect model should be based on trying on several pairs. In football boots, it is extremely important to choose the right size. Joma football boots only show their full potential when the material is well-fitted to the foot. Only then do the feet receive adequate stabilisation and the feel of the ball is not impaired by the extra material.