Terms & Conditions of R-TEAM Loyalty Programe


    1.1. These Regulations of the R-TEAM Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") define the principles, scope and conditions of participation in the R-TEAM loyalty program.

    1.2. The organizer of the R-TEAM Program (hereinafter: "Program") is R-GOL Sp. z o. o. (formerly R-GOL Marcin Radziwon Sp. Komandytowa), Górka 3D, 14-100 Ostróda, NIP: 741-213-29-44, KRS 00001034546, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".

    1.3. The program is run under the name R-TEAM (hereinafter "Program", "R-TEAM"):

    1.4. A person wishing to participate in the Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer" or "Participant") joins the Program by creating a user account in the online store www.R-GOL.com, selecting consent to participate in the Program and agreeing to receive commercial information (saving to the newsletter).

    1.5. The rules of participation in the Program are governed by these Regulations, which will be posted on the website www.R-GOL.com ("Online Store") and in Stationary Stores.

    1.6. Registered Participants will be notified about changes to the Regulations and their scope electronically (to the e-mail address provided during registration or order). The notification will be sent at least 30 days before the new Regulations enter into force. Changes will be introduced: to adapt the Regulations to the applicable legal status, to prevent abuse, for security reasons, in the event of the introduction of new technological solutions in the operation of the Store, to improve the protection of Customers' privacy, and to introduce editorial changes.


    2.1. R-TEAM is a special, voluntary loyalty program intended for all customers of the Online Store and Stationary Stores who have created an account in the Online Store www.R-GOL.com and agreed to receive commercial information (newsletter). The Organizer reserves the right to exclude individual Stores from the Program at any time permanently or temporarily.

    2.2. By making purchases in the Online Store or Stationary Stores, the Participant collects a bonus amount (hereinafter referred to as the "Bonus") in the amount of 10% of the value of purchases made, which can be used on the terms set out below.

    2.3. The use of the Bonus cannot be combined with any other promotion or special offer of the Organizer.

    2.4. The account of the Participant who confirmed the willingness to use the R-TEAM Program should have the required personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number). The Organizer reserves the right not to accept the form completed by a potential Participant if he/she does not provide the required data.

    2.5. A Participant who signs up for the Program in the Stationary Store automatically creates an account in the Online Store www.R-GOL.com and receives a virtual Program Card enabling its identification when shopping in Stationary Stores. The Participant may also be identified based on the personal data provided by him/her.

    2.6. Login details for the user account in the Online Store will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration in the electronic form.

    2.7. Participants of the R-TEAM Program may be adult natural persons who do not run a business.

    2.8. Minors may participate in the Program only with the consent of their legal representatives.

    2.9. The Participant is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and not to take any actions contrary to good practices or to use participation in the R-TEAM Program for commercial purposes or to the detriment of the Organizer. In particular, the Participant may not undertake the following actions in connection with participation in the R-TEAM Program:

    • making purchases in the Online Store on behalf of or on behalf of another person using the Bonus to which the Participant is entitled,
    • conducting commercial activities in connection with participation in the R-TEAM Program, in particular involving the resale of goods purchased in the Online Store or Stationary Stores using the Bonus,
    • transferring access to the Participant's account in the Online Store to third parties in order to benefit from the Participant's Bonus.

    2.10. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude the Participant from participation in the R-TEAM Program if he or she violates the provisions of these Regulations, in particular the provisions of point 2.9. above.


    3.1. Customers using the R-TEAM Program are charged a Bonus of 10% of the gross value of each purchase made in R-GOL Stationary Stores and the Online Store www.R-GOL.com, excluding transport costs. The Bonus is used on the terms set out below. The bonus cannot be converted into cash. The bonus is rounded mathematically to whole numbers.

    3.2. The accrued Bonus can be used for subsequent purchases in Stationary Stores or Online Store. The bonus is used in the form of a discount on purchases, provided that the discount cannot be greater than 50% of the value of the purchased products.

    3.3. If the Bonus calculated on the Participant's account is higher than 50% of the value of the purchased goods, the remaining, unused Bonus remains on the Participant's account and can be used for subsequent purchases. If the Bonus accrued on the Participant's account is less than or equal to 50% of the value of the goods for a given purchase, then the Participant may use the entire accumulated Bonus.

    3.4. If the Bonus is used for a transaction in which the Participant purchases several products, it is proportionally divided among the products and proportionally reduces the price of each non-discounted product.

    3.5. The bonus from a given transaction may be used after 30 days from the date of sale under the given transaction. The date of fiscalization of sales within a given transaction is considered as the implementation of the sale. Sales fiscalization takes place before the goods are sent or released to the Participant - on the date of issuance of the Proof of Purchase in accordance with the Regulations.

    3.6. The Participant may use the bonus from a given purchase transaction within a period of up to 180 days from the date of the transaction. After the above-mentioned deadline, the accrued Bonus will be deleted, which, however, does not affect Bonuses accrued from subsequent transactions.

    3.7. All information about the account balance and the accrued Bonus is available in the "My account" tab in the Online Store or from employees of Stationary Stores.

    3.8. When making purchases in stationary stores, the Participant is verified based on the virtual card he or she holds. In the absence of a card, the Participant may be verified on the basis of other data (e.g. personal or contact details), provided that the verification effect does not raise justified doubts.

    3.9. In the event of returning goods from a transaction in which the Bonus was used, the Participant's account is again credited with the value of the Bonus for the returned goods.

    3.10. In the event of returning goods from a transaction in which a Bonus was charged to the account of a given Participant, the Bonus accrued will be reduced by the value resulting from the value of the returned goods.

    3.11. The program cannot be combined with other programs, promotional campaigns, or discount codes available for use in the Online Store and Stationary Stores, and it is not possible to use different programs, promotional campaigns, or additional discount codes during one transaction.

    3.12. To use the Program in the shopping cart, the Participant must be logged in to his account. To use the accrued Bonus when shopping in the Online Store, the Participant, when making purchases, selects the "I use R-TEAM" option in the shopping cart, which causes - if the accrued Bonus is on the Participant's account - an appropriate reduction in the price of the non-discounted goods in the cart.

    3.13. To use the Bonus in a Stationary Store, the Participant must notify the seller of being a Program Participant and the willingness to use the Bonus before making the purchase.

    3.14. If the Bonus on the Participant's account was accrued or used contrary to the Regulations, the Organizer will be entitled to invalidate part or all of the accrued Bonus, of which the Participant will be informed.

    3.15. emporary promotions are organized for R-TEAM Program Participants (e.g. multiplication of Bonuses, additional freebies for purchases, etc.). Details of temporary offers (validity period and rules) will be announced on the website www.R-GOL.com and in Stationary Stores. The Organizer may, at its own discretion and on terms and conditions specified separately by the Organizer, send special promotional offers to selected Program Participants who have agreed to receive commercial information. The use of such offers takes place without violating points 2.3 and 3.11 of the Regulations.


    4.1. Providing personal data by the Participant is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the R-TEAM loyalty program. Failure to provide data will prevent you from participating in the above-mentioned activities. Program. Providing your date of birth is voluntary and does not affect the possibility of signing up for the R-TEAM Loyalty Program.

    4.2. The Customer's personal data are processed in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC ( General Data Protection Regulation) - hereinafter referred to as "GDPR". The administrator of the Program Participant's personal data is the Program Organizer. You can contact the Data Administrator in the following way: by e-mail - by sending a message to the e-mail address: [email protected] or by phone at +48 22 122 02 90.

    4.3. The data administrator has appointed a Data Protection Inspector who can be contacted in any matter related to the processing of the Customer's personal data. Contact to the Data Protection Inspector: [email protected]..

    4.3. The Participant's data is collected during registration in the electronic form (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth). The Organizer processes the Participant's personal data on the basis of the GDPR for the following purposes:

    • implementation of the sales contract and granting Bonuses, maintaining a user account in the R-GOL Online Store pursuant to Art. 6 section 1 letter b GDPR;
    • fulfillment of legal obligations incumbent on the administrator, in particular tax or accounting obligations (Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR);
    • sending commercial information about the Administrator's products or services electronically (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR - consent);
    • pursuing the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR) consisting in running the R-TEAM Loyalty Program, pursuing claims or defending against claims, for the purposes of undertaking statistical and analytical activities, as well as for contact purposes. We would also like to inform you that for marketing purposes, in some cases, personal data may be profiled in order to provide the Participant with tailored marketing information, which is also our legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).

    4.4. The Participant's data will not be transferred to a third country. The period of personal data processing depends on the purpose for which the data is processed. The period for which personal data will be stored is calculated based on the following criteria: legal provisions that may oblige the Organizer to process data for a specified period; the period necessary to protect the interests of the Organizer; the period necessary for the Organizer to provide services and provide the necessary support to the Participant; the period for which consent was granted.

    4.5. The Program Participant has the right to access, update and correct his/her personal data. The Program Participant has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, request their removal by the Organizer, object to processing based on the legitimate interest of the Administrator, the right to limit processing and the right to request data transfer. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing carried out on the basis of consent granted before its withdrawal.

    4.6. To exercise the above-mentioned rights, the Participant should contact the Administrator using the provided contact details and inform him which right and to what extent the Participant wants to exercise.

    4.7. The Program Participant is obliged to notify the Organizer of any change in his/her personal data contained in the registration form. In the absence of such notification, the Organizer is not responsible for the delay or lack of information about current promotions intended for Program Participants, unless the lack of notification concerns the personal data necessary to provide such information.

    4.8. Personal data is not used for automated decision-making.

    4.9. Consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of participating in the Program may be withdrawn at any time, which does not affect the legality of processing before its withdrawal. However, withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data results in the inability to participate in the R-TEAM Program.

    4.10. In case of doubts as to the correctness of personal data processing by the Administrator, the Participant has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (ul. Stawki 2, Warsaw).

    4.11. The recipients of the Program Participant's data will be entities providing support services to the Administrator, with whom contracts for entrusting data processing have been concluded (including legal support, IT, marketing activities).


    5.1. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend or close the Program at any time during its duration, provided, however, that the rights acquired by the Participant are respected.

    5.2. In the event of closure or suspension of the Program, the possibility of accruing Bonuses will be blocked on all Participants' Cards and accounts, which does not affect the Participant's right to use the Bonuses accrued on his account within 180 days of making individual transactions.

    5.3. n the event of closure or suspension of the Program, the Organizer is obliged to place appropriate information on the website www.R-GOL.com, n R-GOL Stationary Stores and notify Participants by e-mail.

    5.4. The fact that the Program is closed or suspended by the Organizer does not entitle the Participant to claim payment of the value of the purchased Bonus in cash from the Organizer.

    5.5. Resignation from participation in the Program takes place by withdrawing consent to receive commercial information (newsletter) or at the Customer's request, after contacting the Customer Service Office at: [email protected] telephone number: +48 22 122 02 90. Closing the Account involves resigning from using the accumulated Bonuses.


    6.1. The Participant is entitled to submit a complaint in connection with the implementation of the provisions of the Regulations, in particular regarding the bonuses granted or the implementation of a discount.

    6.2. The complaint should be submitted within 30 days from the occurrence of the circumstances justifying its submission. The complaint should be sent by post, courier, submitted in person at the Organizer's office, or sent by e-mail to: [email protected].

    6.3. The complaint should include the name and surname, e-mail address, address of the person submitting the complaint, date, description and reason for the complaint and the Participant's expectations regarding the solution of the problem.

    6.4. Complaints are considered within 14 days from the date of their receipt by the Organizer. Complainants are notified in writing or at the Customer's request by e-mail about the consideration of the complaint.

    6.5. Failure to accept claims in the complaint procedure or the expiry of the deadline referred to in 6.2 does not affect the Customer's right to pursue these claims in a common court.


    7.1. To the extent not regulated by the Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular the Act of April 23, 1964, Civil Code (Journal of Laws 1964.16.93, as amended).

    7.2.Any disputes arising in connection with the application of the Regulations will be resolved by a competent court in accordance with generally applicable provisions.

    7.3.The content of the Regulations is available to all Participants on the website www.R-GOL.com, in the Stationary Store and at the Organizer's office.

    7.4.Selecting the appropriate consent by the Customer on the registration form available in the Stationary Store or joining the Program via the website www.R-GOL.com results in acceptance of the terms of these Regulations and the obligation to comply with them.

    7.5.The Program Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect completion of the registration form by the Customer.

    7.6.These Regulations are valid from October 2, 2023.

The previous version of the R-TEAM regulations in effect until October 1, 2023, can be found here. -> Archived R-Team Regulations