R-Team is the only loyalty programme of this type in the world of football stores. What makes it so special? It allows you to save 10% of every purchase on your account, and then use the accumulated funds for future purchases. In addition, all R-Team players are given special promotions.

How it's working? We're already explaining

Create an account

To subscribe to the programme, you must register, provide a phone number and then agree to join the programme and accept to receive the newsletter. You can create your account here:

Join R-Team

You get 10%

For each purchase you receive from us 10% of its value

Use the funds

Funds are assigned to your account and waiting there to be used

You make purchase for 350 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) -
35 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) goes to your R-Team account


Accumulated funds

You can use the accumulated funds after 30 days to pay for your next purchases. You can cover up to 50% of the order value with R-Team money (this does not apply to discounted products).

You want to buy a ball for 180 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) You use your R-Team funds and cover 90 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) with the money accumulated on your account. You only pay 90 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) for the transaction. From this amount 90 (POUNDS, EURO etc.) you will also get a 10% bonus.



  • you receive funds for each purchase
  • you can check the balance by logging into your account
  • you can pay with R-Team funds up to 50% of the value of the order
  • R-Team funds cannot be used for discounted products
  • funds on your account are activated after 30 days
  • the bonus in POUNDS, EURO etc. is calculated on the final amount (minus rebates used) without delivery costs
  • R-Team funds can be used up to 180 days from their activation
  • R-Team offers not only Cash Back, but also a lot of special promotions