Is size X available?

All currently available sizes of the product are shown on the product card, to the right of the picture.

Which payment methods are available?

The basic form of payment is a traditional bank transfer. However, it is worth remembering that orders are only processed after the transfer is posted. Therefore, we also offer the fast electronic transfer (provided by AutoPay) and the option of ”cash on delivery” (the money is then paid to the courier).

What are the transport costs?

For orders above 99 EUR - free delivery,
For orders below 99 EUR - Less then 10 EUR

When will I receive the ordered goods?

We will inform you about the dispatch of your order by e-mail. When this information is sent, the goods almost always reach the Customer within 48 hours. Of course this applies to working days. However, the goods ordered on Friday, usually arrive on Monday. In exceptional cases, due to the large number of orders (especially after the weekend), the dispatch may be slightly delayed. In such cases, the goods are sent within 3 days.

When will I know if and how my complaint has been dealt with?

All complaints shall be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods subject to the complaint. For more detailed information, please contact us at the following address:

Is the product available in a different colour?

The range of products in our store is really huge, so there is a great chance that the product you are looking for is available in a different colour. It can be easily checked on the product card of the item. All the available colours are visible under sizes, to the right of the picture.

How many characters can the embroidery on the shoe have?

Everything depends on the model and size of the shoe. However, the shoe may fit a maximum of 8 characters. In case of any technical obstacles when placing your embroidery, we will certainly contact you.

How to order a printed T-shirt?

You just have to add imprint on clothing as a product to the cart. You will then be asked to specify, among others, the colour and location of the imprint. The content should be entered as ”additional notes” when making the purchase.

Will you sponsor my club / my website / my contest?

We try to consider every received offer. Of course the decision is not always positive. Our capabilities, just like in the case of everyone else,are limited. Moreover, not every idea fits into our current plans related to the promotional strategy. If you have any questions about sponsoring, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]