Exchanges, Returns

You have 30 days to withdraw from a distance contract. Withdraw deadline is counted from date of recept the last thing by consumer,which is a subject of a contract. To comply with the withdrowal period you have to send a statement before it's expiry.

Signed declaration can be send by post or ellectronically on mail adress [email protected]. Declaration can be send on specially prepared form, but it's not mandatory.

Employee shall immediately confirm consumer by e-mail (according to the conclusion of the contract and another if it was specified in declaration) that he received the declaration about withraw from contract.

Then, the consumer is obliged to return things which are the subject of the order immediately, however not later than 14 days from the day, in which he withdrew from an agreement. Don’t miss the deadline, send back the things before it’s expiry.

We send the money back not later than within 14 days counting from the day of withdrowing from the contract. We kindly inform You that we can hold off with refund until recipt of things or until consumer will submit the evidence of it's return, depends of which event comes first.


Attention! Consumer is responsible for reduction of the value of things which is the subject of the contract, being a result of using in the way going outside of necessary to ascertain the character, characteristics and functioning of things. Package (carton) is an inherent element of the product.

Contact in case of returns:

[email protected]
+48 22 230 2470
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

Shipping address:

R-GOL Sp. z o. o. (formerly R-GOL Marcin Radziwon Sp. K.)
ul. Górka 3D
14-100 Ostróda


You can exchange unused goods within 30 days from receiving the parcel. Exchange of goods consists in returning it inaccordance with the procedure of withdrawing from the distance contract which was described above (point RETURNS) and re-taking of a new order.