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Goalkeeper pants

Not everyone of us deserves goalkeeper pants as Gábor Király used to wore. But everyone can dream of these one! Iconic, grey pants are not one of the hottest football trend of last years. These days goalkeepers choose others products which guarantee comfort. Independently of age, weight, height or level of experience - goalkeeper pants are really „must have” for keepers.

Goalkeeper pants are produced by the most popular football brands around the world. Nike, adidas, Puma, Reusch and polish brand R-GOL make top quality football stuff for goalkeepers. Thanks to such good products every goalkeeper can focus on doing his job during the game. Being fully concentrate for 90 or more minutes is not easy - that’s why keepers cannot be distracted by anything. Badly matched goalkeeper pants are the last thing which keepers need, so they have to pay great attention while choosing it. Another crucial things, which cannot be ignored while choosing goalkeeper shirts are materials which were used during the production and it’s quality. Goalkeeper pants are made of the best materials. That guarantee flexible, which is very, very important in goal. That kind of stuff are not as light or airy like poliester football shirts, but the comfort of using is great, too. But, comfort is not the only important thing, which should be consider during the choosing of goalkeeper pants? So, what is that thing?

Well, modern goalkeeper pants are made to protect keepers from painful injuries. Knees, hips and buttocks are in real danger during the impressive diving saves. Of course, those saves looks great in the eye of the camera, but falling down on the hard ground could be disaster for a keeper. Bruises could exclude goalkeeper from matches for a very long time. And that’s why keepers must protect themselves against the bad effects of their job! Goalkeeper pants available at R-GOL.com are equipped with a special protectors which were located in the most endangered parts of the keeper body. Knees, hips and, of course, buttocks - or this parts are protected by a special foam, which amortizes every fall. Thanks to this solution goalkeepers could make even the most impressive diving saves without any danger. That’s why many of keepers prefers pants than shorts for goalkeepers. Pants protect them from injuries and make their job a way, way easier. 

Modern goalkeeper pants were made in line with the latest trends. Narrowed pants guarantee comfort during the game and delivere a perfect look! Somebody could underestimate this, but every keeper know, that self confidence is very important in goal. Badly matched uniform could lower the level of self confidence and - in consequence - change the results of the game. Goalkeeper pants are made for young and adults goalkeepers because every one of them deserves the stuff of the highest quality! What is more, products are made in ecological way. It’s very important, cause these days, everyone of us should do everything to save our planet from tons of plastic which pollute our mother Earth.