Football Masters gloves

This young Polish company founded by a former Korona Kielce football player took the market by storm. Classic design and the highest quality materials make the Football Masters gloves fit for any task.

What types of Football Masters goalkeeper gloves can be found in R-GOL shop?
The producer's offer includes training/match gloves, as well as the professional match models. All models can be found in three cutting types: Roll Finger, Negative and Hybrid. The first and the most popular type of cutting, Roll Finger, is characterized by rounded fingers and seams on the outside of the glove, mimicking the human hand shape. The second type, Negative, has internal seams, which results in a large latex-ball contact area. Hybrid cutting is a combination of typical flat gloves and Roll Finger sewing type. Football Masters goalkeeper gloves can also be divided according to the type of latex. The thickest latex (4mm), Giga, has the greatest shock-absorbing properties. Gloves with this type of latex are suitable for both natural and artificial grass. The second type of latex is Aqua Grip. As the name suggests, Football Masters goalkeeper gloves with this type of latex are designed for wet, rainy conditions. They absorb little water, thanks to which the properties of the gloves are preserved. The last latex type, Contact, ensures the most solid grip. These gloves have a protective film over the latex. It is recommended to use this type of foam only on grass pitches. The last criterion is the clasp. Football Masters gloves have a classic clasp and a clasp made of an elastic bandage that surrounds the wrist twice for a better fit.

Football Masters goalkeeping gloves are a serious competition for the biggest giants on the market. Durability goes hand in hand with comfort, all thanks to the experience of Wojciech Małecki, the founder of the company. Everything a professional goalkeeper needs is in the Football Masters gloves. Another advantage of the FM goalkeeper gloves is their appearance. The variety of colors and models will satisfy people for whom design is just as important as the other features. The youngest players are not forgotten by the producer. The same solutions that you can find in senior gloves can also be found in junior models. It’s not common and this makes Football Masters the best choice if you want to buy professional match gloves for a child. Football Masters gloves are worn by players such as Michał Buchalik, a representant of Wisła Kraków, but you can also find them on English football pitches. Among the brand's customers are many professionals who value traditional solutions with modern technologies. Football Masters gloves are one of the most durable goalkeeper gloves. It’s true mainly to the fact that Giga latex is suitable for both natural and artificial grass, and the grip properties are the same in dry and wet conditions.