Football gloves Be Winner

The Polish brand Be Winner is one of the leaders on the goalkeeper gloves market. Bold design and modernized classic technologies have led to the producer's success. Be Winner gloves can be seen on the hands of goalkeepers in Ekstraklasa, a Polish top league. All Be Winner gloves models come in two versions of cutting: Roll Finger and Negative. The most common and well-known cutting is Roll Finger. The seams are on the outside of the gloves, thanks to which the contact area is bigger. What’s more, the foam on the fingers is rounded, which perfectly reflects the anatomy of the hand. The disadvantage of this solution is the seam that connects the two fingers in the middle of the glove. The foam in this area is more prone to damage. The second most popular type of Be Winner goalkeeper gloves cutting is Negative. Here the seams are directed inwards, which results in a better fit and no protruding material ends on the fingers. This is the perfect solution for those who want their goalkeeper gloves to feel like a second skin.

By far the most popular models in the producer’s offer are Be Winner Professional goalkeeper gloves and Be Winner Classic gloves. Classic solutions are in the first place, and all this comes with the highest quality materials. Some Be Winner goalkeeper gloves have the Quartz foam. It is an extremely durable type of foam with characteristic dots on the surface. Let’s not forget about the bandage clasp that can be found in some of Be Winner gloves. It makes the wrist secure and the clasp perfectly adapts to the shape of the hand. The same solutions that you can find in senior gloves can also be found in junior models. It’s not common, and this makes Be Winner goalkeeper gloves a great choice if you want to buy professional match gloves for a child.