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The world's top leagues (including the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera Division, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A) are where we can see many players playing in Adidas football boots. The brand's first football boots were produced after the Second World War, in the 1950s. Their originator was Adi Dasler, the founder of Adidas. German footballers at the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland were the first to use these boots. These boots were manoeuvrable and lightweight (or at least lighter than existing boots). They had studs that guaranteed grip on the turf. They were, therefore, the first boots that did not serve to protect the legs but to help them play. The studs, as mentioned earlier, could be interchangeable - shorter for dry ground, longer for muddy ground. What does it look like today? Adidas launches new shoes with the latest technology every season, but with different materials, the width of the upper and stud arrangement on the sole. All so that every footballer can find something to suit their needs. Despite the new trends, it is essential to pay attention to the classics - the Copa Mundial, produced in 1979, is still on-trend. Predators, which celebrated their quarter-century last year, have also returned to favour. Everyone remembers Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham scoring in a pair of Predators. Today, this model, much updated and modern, is also making waves among players.

Enhance Your Performance With Adidas Football Boots Adidas produces football boots for every type of surface. Within each category, you will find different models and levels of play that define how often you play. Lanks (FG) shoes are designed for natural grass surfaces. Ideal for playing during good weather conditions when the surface is not too compacted or too gritty. Studs/Mixes (SG) - Boots are designed for natural grass pitches. Thanks to the use of metal studs, they are ideal for soft, squishy surfaces. Adidas Turf (TF/TT, AG, FxG) are football boots designed for playing on artificial grass surfaces. They have an outsole with short rubber plugs. They provide a high level of comfort and a good grip on artificial turf pitches. This type of football boot also works well on frozen ground. In our shop, you will find the popular "gravel shoes", which are suitable for people who play football recreationally, once in a while, amateurs who play on the grass several times a week with friends, as well as professionals who spend much more time on artificial grass, for example playing in various leagues. The Adidas turfs in the R-GOL shop are carefully selected and will meet even the highest expectations. Adidas indoor shoes (IN), are traditional shoes with a flat sole designed for indoor play on parquet, and rubber surfaces. In most cases, the sole is made of non-marking material.

Levels of Adidas Football Boots 1. Professional - So-called "match shoes" are shoes for professional football players but also for players from lower leagues and amateurs who love top-quality football equipment. The stoppers are made of the best materials and provide the highest comfort for the game. These boots are equipped with the most significant number of modern technologies. E.g. Predator Mutator 20.1. 2. Semi-professional - shoes with a slightly different character than professional plugs. They contain many of the essential features of professional boots. Still, they are slightly cheaper than their professional counterparts due to the use of more economical materials in the least important parts of the corks E.g. Adidas Nemeziz 20.2. 3. Amateur - The stoppers at this level are the ideal choice for people who are not PRO footballers but go out on the pitch more than once a week. The materials used in these shoes ensure that they are comfortable to play in and fun to play matches with friends. E.g. Adidas Copa 20.3 FG. 4. Recreational - shoes for football fans who do not play football professionally and treat kicking a football as a pastime. The boots are designed for sports enthusiasts who do not put the equipment under as much strain as professional players. Adidas does not forget about the youngsters, which is why it also produces some of its models in professional versions for children. The professional version of a children's football shoe is, in many cases, half the price of the professional shoe for seniors. As a result, young football wonder kids can already enjoy the benefits of using a professional football boot as a junior. Some models directly hark back to the past and look reminiscent of iconic editions, such as the 1994 Adidas Predator. Adidas shoes have already become legendary, as players worldwide can confirm. Cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials provide an incredible feel and ensure durability when wearing them. One of the most important attributes of a football player these days has come a vast way from simple material cork-tramps to the pinnacle of technology. Year after year, Adidas engineers have been demonstrating better and better solutions that benefit professional footballers and customers who can play in the same shoes as their idols from the world's biggest clubs, such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Although the choice is huge, when you choose Adidas shoes you always have the confidence that it was the right decision.

Adidas Shoe Line/Silo Breakdown Adidas Predator The origins of this model date back to 1994, and they were based on a prototype concept by former Liverpool footballer, Craig Johnston. In this shoe, unique 'teeth' were placed on the toe line to allow the ball to adhere better to the foot, increasing power at impact. Over 25 years, we have seen a succession of a new Predator line series, including: Predator Rapier, Predator Touch, Predator Accelerator, Predator Mania and Predator Instinct. Currently, the latest Predator Mutator reigns supreme in the market. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is currently the face of this line. The shoes come in professional, semi-professional, amateur and recreational models. The Predator has been worn by the likes of Steven Gerrard, Raul, Michael Ballack and many, many others. New features are the tabs on the front of the upper, which allow the ball to be turned up much better. The Predator model can be found both with and without a so-called sock. The Primeknit material extending the shoe certainly adds natural support and fit. The premier models of the shoe use hybrid studs in the soles, which increases grip and gives better rotation. Adidas X shoes A shoe with a narrow upper, dedicated to fast players who usually play on the wing. They are super-thin and capable of helping you reach top speeds. They flex when you run, bending Your feet as you move. Liverpool midfielder Mohamed Salah is the face of this line. The shoe also comes in professional, semi-professional, amateur or recreational versions. Among other things, the top-of-the-range version uses the lightest speedframe sole, which gives extreme grip for dynamic bounces. The X-Layskin upper provides internal stability with lightness and ball control. Adidas Nemeziz The shoe is favoured by the world's best player - Lionel Messi. The sole uses the Torsion system (split sole), supporting spiral movements. The upper of the shoe is perfectly adapted to the foot thanks to an adaptive bandage construction inspired by medical sports taping. Both professional and amateur footballers will find a shoe for themselves in this line. Adidas Copa The face of the line is player - Paulo Dybala. The professional version of these shoes is top-quality kangaroo leather, and the sole uses a soft TPU plate - in the most pressure-prone areas. Adidas Classic The classic black shoes with the iconic three white stripes. First produced in 1979 all the way back in time and still going strong. Made of top-quality kangaroo leather. The most popular models are the Mundial Team and Copa Mundial.