Select goalkeeper gloves

Select goalkeeper gloves have a perfect fit and meet the expectations of both the best goalkeepers in the women's, men's and youth leagues players throughout Europe. High-quality materials and many years of experience of the brand make the Select goalkeeper gloves a perfect choice for people who value comfort and durability.

What are the Select gloves characterized by?
First of all, the most impressive are the technologies used in these gloves. Both in training and professional gloves there is a high-class latex, which effectively absorbs impact force regardless of the level of advancement of the gloves. Most Select goalkeeper gloves have a Punch Zone, which is located on the outside of the glove and helps with punching the ball away thanks to a thick layer of latex. For example, the top model Select 88 PRO GRIP is equipped with a flexible insert between the index finger and the thumb, which provides optimal movement. The back of the hand is covered with a 3mm layer of embossed soft latex bonded to a thermally sprayed rubber pattern. This makes the glove softer and more flexible than ever. The wide wrist strap provides stability and protection to the wrist. 3 mm NOVA Grip latex guarantees a perfect grip in any weather.

Select goalkeeper gloves are available in every cutting you can imagine. The basic type is Flat cutting. The traditional cut of the Flat Palm gloves provides a larger contact area and optimality of movement. This type of Select gloves usually has a looser fit than many other and offers more room for the fingers. Flat Cut is the most popular choice for those looking for gloves with finger protection. The second cutting is the Hyla Cut. It combines the best qualities of a rounded and flat cut. Latex surrounds the tip of each finger for a perfect fit and is connected to the flat-sewn palm for greater comfort and breathability for the fingers. The unique combination of fit and softness of the fabric allows you to enjoy the advantages of the rounded cut of the glove around the fingers with the flexibility provided by the flat cut. The last cutting to be found in the Select goalkeeper gloves is the Negative cut with internal seams. It is a popular cut that resembles the Flat Cut. This type of glove is stiffened between the inside and the outside. The strengthened part of the Select 88 goalkeeper gloves is also made of latex, which guarantees perfect gripping to the ball. Negative Cut provides a better fit – fingers are held in place for optimal grip on the ball. This is the cut most often chosen by professional players. Select gloves can also have a finger stiffening. This solution is intended for people who suffered hand injuries and for goalkeepers who value safety above all else. In addition, there are also models with a strong, bandage clasp which perfectly stiffens the wrist and makes the glove perfectly fitted to the hand.

The absolute hit are the Select goalkeeper gloves for futsal. The open fingertips are designed to give you better control on a small pitch. At the same time they absorb the impact force, which often has much greater force in the hall due to the small size of the pitch and small distances between players. Select produces high quality gloves. Although the company is known mainly for producing football equipment and balls, it should be noted that the Select goalkeeper gloves are truly the world's top shelf. The models available in the producer's offer will satisfy both fans of classic design and young football enthusiasts who are looking for non-standard colours and patterns. Select goalkeeper gloves are always a good choice, regardless of their appearance.