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For several years, New Balance football boots have been one of the most popular products on the football equipment market. The distinctive logo of a brand with over a century of experience can be seen more and more often on the world's - and Poland's - football pitches. The company, which until recently was associated only with running and lifestyle shoes, is becoming more and more courageous on the green turf. What distinguishes New Balance football shoes is, above all, their high comfort and competitive price. For several seasons now, the face of the brand has undoubtedly been the world's top footballer - Sadio Mane. The Senegalese, who plays every day in New Balance Furon, impresses on English pitches with his technique, speed and uncompromising finishing of Liverpool actions. The American brand has made its mark on the world of football, bringing a breath of fresh air to the rivalry between football brands while offering very high-quality products. It is no wonder that in the past, New Balance football boots have been worn by the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Marouane Fellaini and, to this day, Polish national team player Jacek Góralski. The brand offers New Balance Tekela football boots and the aforementioned New Balance Furon football boots. To these two we should also add the Visaro series, which was one of the first created by New Balance. However, these stoppers are no longer in production. All lines are dedicated to players with entirely different parameters and predispositions. Thanks to this diversification of its products, the brand caters to a wide range of footballers, and anyone who decides on the right New Balance plugs can count on maximum comfort. There will be time to talk about the advantages of the three models, but at this point it is worth mentioning that the brand from across the ocean is not only about football boots, but also other New Balance football shoes. The brand's offer also includes footwear for artificial surfaces and indoors. This creates a huge opportunity to choose from dozens of products from the brand.

New Balance Tekela football boots are aimed at those players who feel most comfortable in the midfield. They can be successfully used by those who scout in the receiving end and often aggressively clash with their rivals, as well as those who rely on a pinch of magic. The element of surprise and one magical touch can change the fate of a match. 2020 saw the launch of the third model under the Tekela banner, which introduced quite a revolution. For the first time in the brand's portfolio, there were New Balance shoes with no laces! The Tekela v3 - as the product is called - is now one of only a handful of models on the market that can boast this innovative solution. The flexible upper with Hypoknit technology provides very good stabilisation of the foot and a high level of comfort. However, it is important to be open about it - the first time you put on these plugs is not one of the easiest challenges. The further into the woods the better, however, the New Balance Tekela features very good ball control and top-notch comfort. Several innovations can also be found in the shoe's sole, which is made of lightweight nylon materials. Thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane used for the studs, returns in midfield are not only even easier but even more surprising. Outflanking an opponent and leaving them behind is still a matter of the individual footballer's skill, but the New Balance Tekela football boots certainly don't get in the way of this, and in fact, help to put you ahead of your opponents. The New Balance Tekela footballer's shoe has been suitably reinforced in the heel area. The sensitive area near the Achilles tendon is a frequent object of interest for irritated rivals who are beaten time and time again. The reinforcement of this part of the shoe shows that the designers of the American brand have had many discussions with professional footballers.

The New Balance Furon football boots, on the other hand, have been designed for football players who rely on speed, dynamics and unpredictability in their game. The Hypoknit system - which ensures that the upper adapts to the shape of the foot - and the Fit Weave system - which guarantees adequate flexibility with very good foot stabilisation - make the New Balance Furon football boots one of the most technologically advanced football boots on the market. The classic lacing system enriched with the Hyper-lock system, which is based mainly on a specially designed area around the ankle joint, ensures proper foot protection and stabilisation in the shoe. This set of amenities guarantees the comfort at a very high level. The New Balance Furon stoppers have been contoured to allow the highest possible speed. The nylon sole with thermopolierutane studs allows for lightning-fast acceleration, while the special layout of the plugs allows stability on hard ground. Every step stripped on the turf will be very sure-footed. Most of the previously mentioned technologies are also equipped with the New Balance Visaro plugs. One change, however, is the use of lightweight cushioning - Fresh Foam, which is characterised by high resistance to deformation. The right softness is a milestone toward good joint health, which is subjected to exceptional wear and tear during play and training on hard surfaces. 

New Balance stoppers are most often made from the highest quality synthetic materials. Mostly, because from time to time, the American company treats customers to special editions of its plugs, which are made from 100 per cent natural leather. In addition to this curiosity, it is also worth mentioning that New Balance football boots are designed in many different eye-catching colour versions. The rich colour palette of the plugs is something that is sure to convince footballers who like to shine on the pitch, not only thanks to their above-average skills. New Balance football boots can be found in two different levels. 
New Balance football boots are made from the best top materials. In these stoppers, you will find all the technologies mentioned earlier. Playing in these shoes, we are guaranteed the highest comfort, excellent stability and perfect ball control. The shoes are durable and, as long as they are used in accordance with their original purpose, they can withstand hundreds of hours of hard training.

New Balance Football Boots For amateurs These plugs have less state-of-the-art technology than the others. The materials used in their production are much more economical and the number of systems used in the corks is definitely decreasing. However, there is no doubt that New Balance corks for amateurs are some of the best in their category, thanks to their very good durability against mechanical damage and not are pleasantly comfortable. They will work well for those who treat football as a hobby and the amateur baller or kick about lover that will not cost you a fortune.