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Mizuno football boots

Mizuno is a brand with a tradition dating back to the early 20th century. For hundreds of years, the brand from the Far East has been providing athletes of many sports with the best equipment. The quality of workmanship, the use of top-quality materials and the wonderful blend between tradition and modernity make Mizuno enjoy a well-deserved reputation among customers in every latitude. What sets the Mizuno brand apart from others is its fidelity to a traditional approach to footwear creation, which has paid remarkable dividends over the years. Mizuno football boots are no exception to this rule. Mizuno football boots have been popular with players around the world for years. The stoppers produced by the Japanese company are a wonderful symbiosis between traditional artistry and classic design, and modern technologies that enable them to play at the highest level. All shoes that are made in the Land of the Cherry Blossom are the quintessence of comfort, convenience and freedom, which can result in great results on the pitch. Mizuno's footwear is created using the most advanced materials, both natural and synthetic. For years, the Japanese company has been known for its use of impeccable kangaroo leather, whose properties make it downright indispensable on the football pitch. Over the decades, Mizuno shoes have been used by players such as Rivaldo and Hulk, among others. Both players were known for their atomic and surprising strikes, which infuriated goalkeepers and rival defenders. Mizuno football boots and their technology support the natural predisposition of athletes, which is why they often chose them.

Mizuno Morelia and the Mizuno Rebula shoes - The Mizuno brand's portfolio includes two popular models of football footwear - the Mizuno Morelia and the Mizuno Rebula shoes. The shoes differ from each other not only in terms of design, but also in the technologies used, which can prove helpful on the football pitch. It is therefore worth mentioning that both models are aimed at football players with different predispositions, who have different tasks, skills and goals on the pitch. However, there is no doubt that both lines guarantee top-of-the-range comfort and, consequently, allow the best possible results. The essentials must be mentioned at the outset. All Mizuno professional plugs are handmade. More than a century of craftsmanship has not been lost with the development of widespread automation. What's more, in many ways the human hand is still far more advanced than technological innovations. The Mizuno Morelia lace-ups are made from natural kangaroo leather, which is characterised by its extraordinary softness. The process of tanning this material is extremely complicated, and some steps are cloaked in strict secrecy. What we do know, however, is that the leather of the front of the upper is modelled for more than 24 hours! The work put into shaping the shoe's upper properly brings tangible benefits on the pitch - making ball feel, ball control, and shoe comfort the absolute 'top of the top'. The Mizuno Rebula stoppers feature the same attention to detail in the execution of the outer upper, which is also made from premium kangaroo leather. Both models are waterproof - Mizuno football boots are made to play in any, even the harshest weather conditions! Both models - both the Mizuno Morelia and Rebula plugs - are extremely durable. This is thanks not only to the handmade and naturally resistant kangaroo leather, which is resistant to a lot of mechanical damage, but also to several treatments to strengthen the upper. The Mizuno football boots have been reinforced in critical areas to minimise the possibility of damage. What's more, the leather is resistant to stains, abrasion and other similar hazards that can affect football boots. The Mizuno Morelia features an internal lacing system that allows the upper to perfectly adapt to the anatomical shape of the foot. The short mesh tongue does not restrict midfoot movement, does not rub the foot and is virtually unnoticeable during play. The heel and ankle area are padded with soft leather, which not only avoids unpleasant abrasions but also stabilises the foot in the shoe. The Mizuno Rebula, on the other hand, have been made using modern 3D CT technology, which improves ball control and guarantees a blissful feeling of comfort. Stabilisation is provided by non-stretch - and invisible - material strips that ensure the entire length of the foot - from midfoot to heel - is properly positioned inside the shoe. At this point, it is impossible not to mention that Mizuno's football boots were created for players who appreciate dynamics, speed and unpredictability. According to many - footballers and experts - these are some of the best shoes for those who rely on speed in their game. The natural kangaroo leather adapts fantastically to the foot, allowing for efficient energy transfer, making passing rivals at full speed a piece of cake. The Mizuno lace allows you to achieve high-speed thanks to its very light weight. The Mizuno Rebula football boots weigh just over 200 grams, while the Mizuno Morelia football boots are, mind you, just 180 grams! Currently, these are some of the lightest shoes on the football footwear market. 

Speed and dynamics are also supported by the innovative solutions found in the sole of the shoes. Specially shaped studs made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) allow the shoe to maintain stability on different types of turf and, in addition, make it possible to make unsignalled and unexpected turns on the pitch. It should also be mentioned that Mizuno football boots are prepared for players characterised by a narrow foot. 

Mizuno football boots are available for different levels of play. The pro football boots are made from the highest quality materials. Handmade kangaroo leather provides great ball control in all conditions, and the upper adapts to the anatomical shape of the foot. They are also extremely durable and incorporate all the latest technology. They are designed for professional footballers who expect the highest quality from their boots. Mizuno's semi-professional shoes are a little less high-tech, but still very attractive. Natural leather is a recipe for a great fit. The shoes are stitched and reinforced in key areas, so they can withstand hours of intense play. Mizuno's amateur football boots are made of a lower grade of natural leather and are also not equipped with advanced technology. However, if football is your hobby and you see it as an opportunity to have a good time in good company, Mizuno football boots are ideal for this. Mizuno's stoppers are available in a wide variety of colours, and the traditional design is a nod to those who favour a classic shoe design.