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Goalkeeper jerseys

Goalkeeper jerseys are a real „must have” for those, who stands in goal. Every keeper — regardless of their age, height, weight or level of experience or ability, knows, that jersey are one of the most important of his accessories. Thanks to jerseys goalkeeper can be easily distinguished from other players and — what is more important — he or she can do the keeper job in the best way.

Being a goalkeeper is — without any doubts — one of the hardest jobs on a football pitch. A lot of impressive and effective saves could be overshadowed by one simple mistake, which can be decisive for the results of the game. Standing in goal requires not only great football skills, but also appropriate psychological qualities. Goalkeeper must be focus on a game for ninety or even more minutes. His mistakes — probably — will not be fixed by any other player, so the level of concentration must be really high. That’s why accessories for keepers — including goalkeeper jerseys — must guarantee full comfort and do not disturb the goalkeeper in his job.

Goalkeeper jerseys available at R-GOL.com guarantees the highest quality. Products from adidas, Nike, R-GOL, Puma or Zina are well known in the community of football players. Materials, used in the process of production, are really good and provide comfort during the training or games. Light, airy jerseys ensure great air circulation and prevent any unnecessary drop of moisture from remaining on the body for too long. Thanks to this goalkeepers don’t have to bother about any inconvenience — they can fully focus on the game.

Cutting of goalkeeper jersey is as important as materials. During the game goalkeeper have to feel free in jersey — restriction of movement could disturb in saves and recreate the worst nightmares into reality. Last but not least — every keeper must remember to choose the correct size of goalkeeper jersey. Too small or too big jersey not only looks terrible on the pitch, but — what is more important — does not guarantee full comfort during the game.

Impressive saves bring smiles to fans faces. Of course, those interventions look fantastic in the eyes of supporters or in the cameras, but goalkeepers risk a lot. For elbows, arms and shoulders, contact with the hard ground could be really painful. A lot of goalkeeper’s injuries are the effects of those kind of saves. That’s why goalkeeper jerseys include special protectors, which — of course — protect the most dangerous parties of the goalkeeper’s body. Thanks to this elbows, arms and shoulders doesn’t hurt after even the most impressive saves.

Goalkeeper jerseys for kids and adults are available in many different colors. Those, who loves classic, will perfectly fit into white or black. Those, who are open to more courage colors, will not be disappointed. The goalkeeper uniform must be distinct from the shirts of all other players on the pitch. It is therefore no surprise that goalkeeper jerseys often take on truly avant-garde colors and patterns!