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Goalkeeper shirts

Without any doubts goalkeeper shirts are, next to gloves or clears, real must have for keepers. Every one of them - no matter how old or how good he or she is - know, that on the pitch he must stand out from other players not only by his particular set of skills - just like Liam Neeson in Taken - but with the uniform, too. That’s why goalkeeper shirts are colorful and many people could be surprised by really impressive patterns. Fortunately, according to old football adage, keepers - together with left wingers - are the craziest guys on the pitch so unusual shirts shouldn’t cause troubles for them. Of course, avant-garde goalkeeper shirts will not make any keeper better but for sure will make him more visible on the pitch!

Choosing goalkeeper shirts it’s not as simply as it looks. First of all, keepers have to choose their size correctly. Too small or too big uniform will restrain comfort, which is critically important during every game. Ease and self-confidence are really important in goalkeepers job, because one mistake of the keeper could cause losing in whole game. That’s why keepers have to pay attention to details and choose their shirts as carefully as it’s possible. Correct size of the goalkeeper shirt guarantee comfort and freedom of movement - thanks to this every goalkeeper will be fully focus on the game.

Another crucial things, which cannot be ignored while choosing goalkeeper shirts are materials which were used during the production and it’s quality. Products, which are available at R-GOL.com are made from the best materials. Light, airy goalkeeper shorts guarantee fantastic circulation of air. Thanks to this, any unnecessary drop of sweat would not be able to stay on the body of goalkeeper and that will provide one hundred percent of comfort. Goalkeeper shirts from the best brands like Nike, Adidas or R-GOL are very flexible. That creates the illusion of „second skin” which is fantastic for the keepers, because they can feel really comfortable. Materials are very soft and does not wipe the skin. What is more, shirts from mentioned brands are made in modern style. Last but not least - many of goalkeeper shirts are made from ecological materials. It’s very important, cause these days, everyone of us should do everything to save our planet from tons of plastic which pollute our mother Earth.

Lots of goalkeeper shirts are long sleeves. That kind of uniforms are very popular because it protect from painful wipes of wrists, arms and elbows which could occur after impressive diving saves on natural or artificial grass. Injuries like this are not dangerous but, unfortunately, it guarantee lack of comfort during the game. Of course, there are keepers, who doesn’t care about that kind of injuries, choose goalkeeper shirts with short sleeves, which are perfect while playing in high temperatures. Every keeper have to remember, that colors goalkeeper shirts must be different than colors of other players on the pitch. This rule make referees life easier so everybody must stick to this.