Cutting Gloves
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The construction consists in sewing the side panels and foam with an internal seam. It results in perfect adhesion of the glove to the hand, which has a positive effect on the feeling of the ball. This cut is often chosen by professionals. Unfortunately, due to high stresses, it is not very durable, especially at the seams and at the fingertips. Usually gloves of this cut are the most expensive in the offer of a given manufacture.

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Characterized by visible stitching that connects the foam to the side panel of the glove. They are characterized by the highest strength (low foam stress) and the easiest possible repair. It is the most popular typeface. Due to the low price, it is recommended for beginners. Its disadvantage is that it does not significantly improve the grip area - not the best choice for people with small hands. As a rule, it is looser than other cuts, it is not so tightly fitted..

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more and more popular cut. It increases the gripping surface, which is why it is recommended for people with small hands. Very comfortable because it is quite wide. They have an additional seam at the base of the ring and middle fingers, which increases the strength of the gloves (mainly when removing the gloves, this area in other cuts is exposed to tearing.

adidas Predator


Combine the individual features of the indicated types, e.g. flat + rollfinger (on the tips of the fingers, rollfinger to increase the feeling of the fingertips), negative + rollfinger (3 fingers in sewing a rollfinger increase the grip area, 2 fingers in sewing negative cut are responsible for the best feeling of the ball).