How to choose football boots

The choice of football shoes like the choice of the car - one person likes sports cars, while others prefer limousines, one person prefers manual gearbox, while others cannot imagine driving without an automatic gearbox. For some, the car must be black, for others just the opposite - colored. In one word - subjectivity. But there are things that will be relevant - combustion, durability and quality. The same is with football shoes. Should they be colorful or black, whether they have AG or SG sole - they must be of good quality and fit perfectly. In this text, we would like to include some advice that can help you in choosing football shoes.
Going to the stationary R-GOL shop (Olsztyn, Gdańsk, Ostróda) or looking them for on - looking for appropriate football shoes, you should consider a few things.



On natural grass (FG, FG/AG)

Shoes designed for a natural grass surface. Perfect for playing on the fields not slaughtered, but also not too muddy.

For natural wet grass - soft ground(SG, SG-PRO)

Shoes perfect on the pitch with a soft natural grass. Excellent also on a boggy pitch.

For artificial grass (TF/TT, AG, FxG)

Shoes with small studs placed close together. Designed to play on artificial grassy surfaces including orlik; AG - designed to play on artificial grassy surfaces. Shoes equipped studs like in traditional football shoes, however, there is more of them and they are slightly shorter. TF / TT - with short rubber studs. It provides high playing comfort and a good grip on the pitch with artificial grass. Perfect for the on ice-cold ground.

Indoor shoes (IC/IN/IT)

Traditional flat-soled shoes designed for a sports hall - wooden and rubber surfaces. In most cases the sole is made of a non-marking material.

This is the basic choice that we must make. You can buy sports shoes for almost any surface. The specificity of the construction of shoes causes that they are perfectly adapted to each pitch. Most importantly, if we play in shoes not intended to play on the given surface and your shoes get damaged, it is impossible to make a complaint - see rules Exchanges, returns, complaints




Shoes for football players playing football professionally, but also players from the lower leagues and amateurs who love football equipment of the highest quality. They are made from the highest quality materials and ensure the highest comfort of the game. These shoes are equipped with the highest number of modern technologies.



Shoes with a slightly different character than professional shoes. They contain the most important features of professional shoes, but through the use of more economical materials in the most important parts are slightly cheaper than their professional counterparts.



The ideal choice for people who are not players PRO, but oplay football more than once a week. Materials used in these shoes provide comfort and fun of playing games with friends.



Shoes for football fans who do not play professionally but for entertainment. Shoes designed for sports enthusiasts who do not overload the equipment as professional players do.



When you have dealt with the selection of soles and level of advancement it's time to choose the material from which your shoes should be made. Here there should be no problem - leather or synthetic. There are, of course, shoes containing these two materials, but they aren't many of them on the market. Deciding on leather shoes, note that this material is more sensitive than synthetic material. Leather shoes need to be frequently washed, polished and cherished. It is not a solution for the lazy ones. In addition, leather shoes slightly diverge during the game, so you should choose shoes in a slightly smaller size. When choosing synthetic shoes, caring of them is not so important. Just every now and then rinse with plain water and your shoes will be ready. Of course, total neglect of shoes may result in playing in them for very short time.



The next and basically the last step is to measure your feet, you just put it without socks on a white piece of paper and mark the dash, where it reaches the heel and the end of the big toe. The lenght should be measured with a ruler and the result should be compared with table sizes of the manufacturer - you'll find it here - tables sizes . Remember that the wrong size can affect the comfort of the game, but also the durability of the shoe. Do not forget that socks also affect the comfort of the shoe. Too high socks cause abrasions and imprints.



The final choice which is completely subjective is the choice of the manufacturer and the line of your shoes. Here we do not advise anything. We can guarantee the largest selection of equipment, where everyone can find something for themselves. It all depends on your individual needs and tastes. We hope we have helped you in choosing shoes on