1. Is size X available?

    All currently available sizes of the product are visible after opening the so-called. Card product, to the right of the photo.

  2. What are the forms of payment and transport costs?

    There are four forms of payment for the order:

    Current shipping costs:
    We currently deliver orders to the European Union countries:
    Orders below € 99 - less than € 10
    Orders above € 99 - free delivery
    *International shipments are delivered in approx. 3-5 days
    *The prices are dependent to the current exchange rate

  3. When will I know if and how was my complaint considered?

    Complaints Department Deals with complaints . All complaints are dealt with within 14 days of receiving of the goods. For more detailed information writr on the address: support@R-GOL.com

  4. Is the item available in a different color?

    Maybe yes but before asking us it's worth checking if the offer is available on the site. All the currently available products are in fact visible in the shop R-GOL.com. Products available in other colors are visible in the product card below the available size, on the right of the photo.

  5. How many signs can an embroidery on a shoe have?

    Everything depends on the model and size of a shoe. But definitely no more than 8 signs. In the case of technical obstacles we will contact you.

  6. What should I do to order a T-shirs with overprint

    Overprint on clothing needs to be added to the cart as a product. You can select color and location of the print. The content/text of the overprintshould be written in "additional notes".

  7. Will you sponsor my club / my page/ my competition?

    We try to consider evry offer that we get. Of course, not each of them is accepted. Our possibilities are also limited. Moreover, not every idea fits our current plans, associated with the promotional strategy. In matters of sponsorship, please contact us by email: marketing@R-GOL.com

  8. How to use discount received for providing R-GOL.com fanpage on facebook?

    For a one-time 5% discount on any purchases you can make R-GOL.com on your plate. On the main page R-GOL.com wther is information about the promotion on FB. If you click "Next" the system will walk you through a very rapid and simple access to our catalog on your plate. When you do that, you will receive a 5% discount on purchases in R-GOL.com. Discount is valid for 31 days and will automatically be added to your order, without having to enter a discount code. To receive the discount, the purchase must be made from the same device as sharing R-GOL.com on facebook.



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