Adidas Tango

Created for those who are driven by creativity and are not afraid to try the impossible, the Adidas Tango football shoe collection debuted at the end of 2016. Now every new style of Adidas Tango shoes brings new inspiration to the stadium and street.

The revival of the Adidas Tango collection inspired by the official match ball of the 1978 World Cup resulted in the entire collection being extended not only to street and lifestyle footwear, as well as men's and women's clothing and various accessories.

The adidas Tango collection begins with the tradition of this sport and builds a new interpretation, offering today's creators the products they need to match their style on the pitch to the out-of-pitch look.

The Adidas Tango football shoe collection includes four lines of shoes, produced by a German brand:
● Predator. It is a combination of the iconic model of football boots from the 90s and the use of the latest technologies from Adidas. Each shoe looks like Zidane’s, Beckham’s and boot of other "predators" in the history of football. The shoes are made in three levels and price points: for professionals, for amateurs and for beginners. The most advanced shoe model has a rubber sole containing BOOST technology that gives the most resilient cushioning, guaranteeing an incredible energy return and a very breathable Primeknit textile upper giving the feeling of "no shoe" on the leg. As for amateur shoes, they are made of synthetic materials.
● X. Those are the lightest of all Adidas football boots. Created for speed and agility combined with innovative technologies, they allow you to play quickly on any surface. Shoes are as well as Predator and Copa made in three levels and price points: for professionals, for amateurs and for beginners. A very thin Speedmesh upper that reduces the weight and provides better contact with the ball in combination with great cushioning thanks to the BOOST technology in the most advanced version of the shoes will leave your rivals in dust.
● Nemeziz. This is a completely new step in the development of football shoes. Created for players who appreciate a very agile game. Unlike other Adidas models, they are made in only two levels and price points: for amateurs and for beginners. Thanks to the soft textile upper that cover the ankle and good cushioning along the entire length of the sole, they will make agile movement in the gym or on the turf.
● Copa. There isn't much to write about here. Continuation of the legendary Copa collection, made in a style reminiscent of old football boots. The elegant appearance of the leather upper combined with its level of comfort and fit - is a recipe for domination and wonderful control of the ball during the game. Shoes are as well as Predator and X made in three levels and price points: for professionals, for amateurs and for beginners. Depending on the level of advancement of the shoe, the upper can be made of kangaroo leather in the advanced model, calf leather in the amateur model and synthetics similar to the leather in the beginner model. The leather upper also stretches easily, which provides even better fit of the shoe to the foot.

Of course, everyone will be able to choose their shoes depending on the pitch. The sole of the Adidas Tango football shoes is made in the IN version (adapted to play indoors), TF version (adapted to play on turfs) or the TR version (adapted to play on the street and for lifestyle use).

No matter what surface you play on, Adidas Tango shoes will make you the King of the pitch. Enter the game and leave your mark.