R-Partners - more than a franchise


R-GOL.com is one of the largest football shops in Europe. Now you can become a part of our company. Check what the R-Partners program is about.

f you love football, like we do, you have the same values as our team and you are looking for something better than a standard franchise, then you've come to the right place. We have developed a unique solution, that is tailored to your needs. What makes the R-Partners program different from classic franchises? Briefly - EVERYTHING! When you choose this solution, you become our Partner, you remain influence on your business, and all conditions are simple and created individually.

In addition, you use the solutions developed by our company for over 20 years. You become part of an efficient, successful and recognizable business. You receive know-how, workshops, sales, marketing business, logistics, IT and digital support. More over, you get access to the latest digital solutions, thanks to which our company has become one of the leaders. You use solutions that have ensured R-GOL dynamic development and success on the international level.

A partnership approach and simple rules these two words describe best this unique program. By being R-Partner you become part of our team. We play to one goal, which means that our success is your success and your victory is our victory.

Learn more about the R-Partners program:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +48 500 225 666

Find out what our Partners from Poland and Slovakia have to say about this solution.

Marcin Wróbel

R-GOL.com Toruń (formerly Wróbel-Gol)

"I decided to cooperate with R-GOL in 2019. I was convinced by the simple rules and huge support. The agreement is clear and very beneficial. Thanks to the cooperation I gained help in all aspects of business - starting with the products and ending with marketing. Thanks to this, my business has developed. "

Branislav Kondrčík

R-GOL.com Bratislava (formerly Futbalshop.sk)

"Thanks to this program, I have learned how to run a business on a different level. Although our companies exist for the same number of years - the vast experience of the R-GOL crew and its support allowed me to take next step in business."